The Guilty: “It Felt Like I Was Seeing Images Just Listening To Sound,” Moller Said!


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The Guilty- Quick Information!

The Guilty is a 2018 crime-drama film which is directed by Gustav Möller and the screenplay is also done by him, although the film is produced by Lina Flint which concludes the number of stars in it, Jakob Cedergren, Jessica Dinnage, Omar Shargawi, and Johan Olsen.


The film is inspired by a Youtube video in which a kidnapped woman is calling to get help from the authority… and the twist is the kidnapper is sitting next to her. After watching this video, Moller the film director feels a connection with the voice.

He states that-

“It felt like I was seeing images just listening to sound,” he said. “It felt like I had seen this woman; I had an idea of the car she was sitting in and the road they were driving on.”

Another impact was the web recording Serial, about the 1999 homicide of a Maryland student.

“With every episode, I got new information about the people involved and the places and occurrences. With every episode, my image of these people changed.”

And after this, he got tons of ideas and decided to make a movie, The Guilty which came out on 21, January 2018 by the Nordisk Film Distributor.

Now let's have a look at the complete storyline of the film.

The Guilty

What Happen In The Guilty?

The story starts with Asger Holm, a Copenhagen police officer who is in wait for a conference for shooting and killing a 19-year-elderly person, the one who is relegated to answer crisis calls at the Emergency East work area.

On the evening before the same day before the conference, he gets a call from a lady named Iben Østergård, who doesn't say she has a crisis and goes about as though she is conversing with a youngster.

At first, going to hang up, Asger surmises the upset Iben isn't the only one and poses her yes and no inquiries… she cautiously uncovers she has been snatched however expressly specifies a white van.

Following the call by the closest cellphone tower, Asger calls the North Zealand station to advise them to search for a white van driving north.

The North Zealand dispatcher discloses to him this isn't sufficient data and a tag number and explicit area are required. Asger converses with the North Zealand watch vehicle, who pull over a light-hued van yet let it go when no lady is found inside of it.

Becoming assimilated for the situation, Asger looks into data about Iben Østergård and tracks down a home phone number, calling it. Iben's six-year-old girl Mathilde answers. Mathilde says her dad Michael Berg was at the house, in spite of being isolated from Iben, and drives a white van.

Michael had gone into the room of Mathilde's child sibling Oliver and yelled, evidently at Oliver, Mathilde says. Michael then, at that point got Iben and left with her. Mathilde additionally gives Asger her dad's telephone number.

Asger advises Mathilde to go take care of her child sibling and calls North Zealand to have police sent over to Iben's home to mind Mathilde and Oliver; he learns Michael has a criminal record.

At the end of the story, we find Van is leading the Elsinore and decided to talk with Iben once again. He is stressed that Michael may kill Iben, Asger trains Iben to hit Michael with a block. Iben says Oliver is fine now and done crying.

Asger asks her what she means, and Iben says Oliver had snakes in his stomach and was crying, so she slices them out to help him. The call is detached, leaving Asger in shock. Asger gets a call from Rashid at Michael's home, who discovers records showing Michael lost appearance rights because of his criminal record, while Iben invested energy in a mental clinic in Elsinore.

Asger acknowledges Michael was taking Iben to the emergency clinic since she accidentally killed their child. He advises Rashid not to lie at the consultation and calls Michael once more, who says Iben hit him and got away. Asger gets another call from Iben, who is going to hop off a scaffold, in the wake of acknowledging she killed her child.

He admits to her he shot a man and it was not in self-protection, but rather he says dissimilar to him he realizes Iben didn't intend to hurt anybody. With the commotion of cops drawing nearer, Asger urges her to give up to them.

He talks again to North Zealand, who affirm they have Iben and salute him on his work. He gets up from his work area and gradually leaves while his partners, who heard his admission to Iben, watch in dismay… And the film ends here…

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The Guilty- Characters!

Crowd or we can say the audience usually grows a bond with the characters, although they also feel related to them, thusly, a decent story has characters who are genuine, yet additionally shift and create all through the direction of the movie.

In “Guilty” we find numerous faces like Jakob Cedergren playing the role of Asger Holm the main character of the story with Jessica Dinnage as Iben Østergård (voice) and Omar Shargawi as Rashid (voice).

Johan Olsen as Michael Berg (voice), Katinka Evers-Jahnsen as Mathilde Østergård (voice), and Jacob Lohmann as Bo (voice) are also some of the central faces of the story.

However, some of the side characters are Simon Bennebjerg as Nikolaj Jensen (voice), Laura Bro as Tanja Brix (voice), and Morten Thunbo as Torben.

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Official Teaser of The Guilty-

Last Lines

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Common Queries

Where we can watch The Guilty?

If you are willing to watch the film, you can simply watch it on some popular streaming platforms and websites like Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos,, and Canadian Netflix.

In which language the Guilty movie is?

The original language of the movie is Danish.

Does the Guilty is available in subtitles form?

The Guilty on Netflix is phenomenal. … Netflix's unfamiliar film The Guilty which is in the Danish language is now available with English captions. You can enjoy the film there without any kind of problem.