The Guest Book 3 Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!


Last Updated on January 30, 2022.

Comedy series has always been on-trend. Whether it be like The Office, Gilmore Girls, Glow, or Atypical, people have always shown their keen interest in this series. If you are also a fan of comedy-drama then comment us down your favorite series 🙂 Now, there is again a comedy series named, The guest book. The show has recently been in talks because of its third season. Many fans are believing to see this show’s third part. 


the guest book 3

In this article, we’ll be discussing this TV show and everything related to it. We’ll also look at the hints and possibilities of the third season. Interested to know? Then read this article till the end.

Show The Guest Book
Genre Comedy
Release Date 2017
Directed By Greg Garcia
Produced By Amigos de Garcia Productions; Studio T; CBS Television Studios; Turner Entertainment Networks



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What Do I Need to Know about The Guest Book?

The American Comedy-drama series was created by the famous Gerg Gorgie, who has also worked in the Raising Hope series. The first season premiered on 3 August 2017 under the Broadcasting TV network, TBS. After the end of the first season, the creators immediately renewed the series for the second season. 

The second series aired in 2018 and after that, there were no more seasons. The story is written by the famous writer Greg Garcia. The story follows his habit of writing fictional or fake guest books. Well, let me tell you that this series is an anthology based which means each episode of this series portrays a different story that does not connect with any other. 

The show ended but the fans were hoping to see the third season. In the next section, we will see the things which take place after the second season. We will also see if there are possibilities for the third installment to happen. 

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The Guest Book Season 3 Is Coming Or Not?

It's been three years since the release of the second season and if the third season has to come, it will have made its way till now. The people have also lost their hope in the third season and they are busy finding some other comedy-drama series for themselves. 

the guest book 3

Moreover, Gracia made a statement on Twitter by saying that the show is not coming back anytime soon. All the fans of the show have felt heartache with this shocking news. TBS has decided to not renew the series. Now the show can only come back if any other TV network tries to broadcast it, but there is no such news till now. The officials have not released any statement regarding this matter. The chances of this are also very low. (Source:TVseriesfinale)

What will be the Plotline of The Guest Book 3?

The storyline of this series follows the writer Gracia and how he used to write fake diaries in order to make the guests crack up. He has a habit of making fake guest book entries and trying to make the new guests lose up. By making this series, his main aim was to make the audience laugh and he does succeed.

Each of the episodes follows the story of every different character. The main purpose of the writer for this story is to make our cheeks hurt by smiling nonstop and I must admit here that he has done amazing work in it. The story also has some of the main characters who stay throughout the season and are interesting to watch. 

Moreover, the additional cast adds a Lil pop-up to the story. If you are someone who loves comedy-drama then you shouldn’t skip this series. Each episode sets a different journey in your story and is just beautiful. 

Furthermore, if there will be another season for the people then it will again take the tour through the life of other guests and we fight to see some other change in the story. However, the third season isn’t happening and we don’t know what is the future of this series. If there will be any updates then I promise to update this section. 

Where is the official trailer of The Guest Book season 3?

The official trailer video of the guest book isn’t released yet. The series has already been canceled and the writer has himself posted it on Twitter. If you are someone who hasn't seen the first episode then I'll be liking the official trailer of it below. Feel free to check it down 🙂

What are the ratings of this show?

The ratings are important for some people and many of the people judge the show according to it. That’s why in this section, we’ll take a close look at the ratings of this show. Starting with the IMDb rating of this show which is 7.2/10. The show has received low ratings on rotten tomatoes with only 64% of it. 

Moreover, has given only 7.1/10 to this show. The show was not that popular among the people and that’s why it was canceled. Also, the ratings were also not that great to look for. 

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Final words

The show, the guest book, is already canceled to launch its third season for the people. The show was badly hit with criticism and the ratings of this show were also low. The show has also failed to attract a large audience but it does have some honest fans. There are already two seasons of the guest book out yet and there is no chance of TBS renewing it. The show can only come back only if another TV channel took this show. But the chances of that are also low. 

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