The Good Place: Ending Explained!

The Good Place ending had everything one could want in a happy show. There are some shows that start with a very different tone and then move towards a more enriching direction and The Good Place was one of them. The show had laughter, sadness, confusion, thrill, joy and most importantly, warmth. 

It is necessary to understand why the show became so popular. There are a lot of feel good shows that Michael Schur has made which include The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He has successfully cracked the code for good comedy that has a stellar cast and characters that people want to associate with.

Name The Good Place
Genre Fantasy, Comedy
No. of Seasons 4
Run Time 2016-2020
Created By Michael Schur
Medium Netflix

These shows will have a place in history and the same can be said about The Good Place. The theme of the show was itself unique. The fact that heaven or a good place exists and then there is an experimental hell created to test a new technique is a very funny yet intricate concept.

The show basically revolves around four main characters, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahini and Jason. All these characters have some traits that categorically make them a resident of hell but they break the system. Initially, they do it for themselves but later, they realize that there is intrinsically good in every person even if they are absolutely evil.

What’s So Different About the Show?

Instead of sending the people with low moral scores to the actual bad place, Michael tries to create a lie for them. He picks these four humans and creates an artificial world which triggers their psychological irritants. Eleanor is a liar and knows she is a bad person and hence, she thinks she has been wrongfully sent to “the good place”.

But in the first season, she realizes that all four of them are actually in the bad place itself. It is all because of the fact that she has been stressed from the minute she has arrived here and an actual good place wouldn’t have made her feel this way.

The Good Place

This comes as a shock to Chidi, who realizes that he is in the bad place for being indecisive and later realizes how his indecisiveness has created issues for people around him. This also then enlightens the four people about a rather binary afterlife system, which leaves no room for improvement.

They think that the people labeled bad because of a score should not be tortured. They want the bad place to rather be a rehabilitation center and then when people improve and pass the tests, they can move to the actual good place.

This unique way of analyzing the afterlife system with a modern essence to it is rather intriguing and immediately becomes a hit and is loved by people worldwide.

Cast and Characters of The Good Place

  • Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop,who is a deceased selfish woman who is a salesperson. She lives an amoral life and lies a lot. Basically, she is not your regular good person.
  • William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye, a deceased professor of ethics and moral philosophy who has an issue with decision making.
  • Jameela Jamil as Tahani Al-Jamil, a deceased wealthy British philanthropist and fashion model who believes she belongs in the Good Place. She has a very fake way of being nice which is visibly condescending and is disliked by Eleanor initially.

The Good Place

  • D’Arcy Carden as Janet, an AI guide who basically has all the information one needs and fulfills whatever the residents of the good place want. She is basically a robot who later develops human emotions.
  • Manny Jacinto as Jason Mendoza, who is a drug dealer and also thinks he has been falsely put in the good place.
  • Ted Danson as Michael, a Bad Place demon who is doing an experiment by creating a psychologically frustrating bad place instead of the regular one with an eternity of torture.

What Does the Ending of the Good Place Mean?

The ending of The Good Place is a refined one. It basically explains how something good has no relevance without something bad. If everything is going good, life loses its meaning and a gradual end is what is required and that is exactly what the show provided.

As the characters realized that they wanted their afterlife to end, they could go through the fina gate and dissolve into the universe like dust and light particles and then they become the essence of the universe.

The Good Place

At the end, Eleanor’s essence falls on the mail and the man decides to go and give the mail to the right person since it was not for him and he was about to throw it but he suddenly changed his mind. 

When he returns the mail, it is for Michael, who always had a desire to live a human life. This means that the essence of Eleanor was now in the universe in the form of good and moral instincts that made people wanna become better and improved individuals.

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