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Good Place Season 4 is the last and final season of Michael Schur which is a fantasy comedy television series. Season 4 has 14 episodes in it which runs on NBC and it aired in September 2019.

Fremulon, 3 Arts Entertainment and Universal Television are the series producers and it focuses on Eleanor Shellstrop and Michael with other cast members also. Leading stars of the Good Place are Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, Darcy Carden, Manny Jacinto and Ted Danson etc.

Story of Good Place revolves around a young deceased selfish woman who wants to take the place of Michael afterlife. When she is welcomed by Michael to the Good Place she discovers it a joke as it was not actually in Good Place.

She feels that she is emotionally tortured by her fellows in the afterlife. Both Michael and Eleanor claimed that the point system has failed to make a difference to send humans to the Good or Bad Place after death and the story continues upto season 4 where they are given a chance and to do experiments to prove their thinking.

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Season 4: The First Look the Good Place

The Good Place Season 4: Release Date

The Good Place Season 4 released on September 26, 2019 and concluded on January 30, 2020.

The Good Place Season 4 Cast

The Good Place Season 4

These are the cast members of The Good Place Season 4

  • Kristen Bell played the role of selfish saleswoman Eleanor Shellstrop.
  • William Jackson Harper as Chidi, who is a deceased professor of ethics.
  • Darcy Carden as Janet.
  • Manny Jacinto as Jason Mendoza, drug dealer.
  • Ted Danson as Michael.

Janet’s words per minute must be off the charts.

Earth Magic Just Doesn’t hit the way it used to:

Episodes of the Good Season 4:

The Good Place Season 4

There are 14 Episodes of this Fantastic comedy series and these are-

No. in Season Episode Name Directed by Aired Date
1 “A Girl from Arizona” Drew Goddard September 26, 2019
2 “A Girl from Arizona” Drew Goddard October 3, 2019
3 “Chillaxing” Anya Adams October 10, 2019
4 “Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy” Morgan Sackett October 17, 2019
5 “Employee of the Bearimy” Beth McCarthy-Miller October 24, 2019
6 “A Chip Driver Mystery” Steve Day October 31, 2019
7 “Help Is Other People” Beth McCarthy-Miller November 7, 2019
8 “The Funeral to End All Funerals” Kristen Bell November 14, 2019
9 “The Answer” Valeria Migliassi Collins November 21, 2019
10 “You’ve Changed, Man” Rebecca Asher January 9, 2020
11 “Mondays, Am I Right?” Rebecca Asher January 16, 2020
12 “Patty” Morgan Sackett January 23, 2020
13, 14 “Whenever You’re Ready” Michael Schur January 30, 2020

Where to Watch All Seasons of The Good Place:

You can currently watch The Good Place All seasons where Eleanor Shellstrop is welcomed to the “Good Place” by Michael. You can stream it on-

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Ratings and Reviews of the Good Place

The Good Place Season 4

On IMDB the series is given 7.5 ratings out of 10 which is good enough to run the series till the fourth season and users say that it is a strong start and he doesn’t know where episodes are going and one user review is like ‘they made it work’.

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Season 4 got 100% Tomato meter ratings on Rotten Tomatoes with a critic Ratings of 52 while the series season 4 gets 87% Audience Reviews. Some audience reviews for the Good Place Season 4 are that it is one of the TV shows that actually made that user laugh, watch the series till the end, extremely creative and well acted episodes.

Last Lines

The Good Place Season 4 is good to watch and you can stream all seasons of The Good Place on the given platforms.