Good Fight Season 4: Episodes Released Date, Cast, Worthful to Watch..

The Good Fight Season 4 is back….

Even some of the Good Fight Season episodes are already released, and we received numerous interrogations regarding it, such as when it will be premiered, how many episodes are released, Is it worthful to watch Season 4, on which platform we can stream it, and many more.

This article is all about the queries mentioned above. So, to dive deep into the Good Fight Season 4, be with us until the end.

The Good Fight Seaso 4

The Good fight series started after one year of The Good Wife’s finale, and it is a spin-off of The Good Wife. According to Julie McNamara, executive vice president of original content at CBS All Access –

“The series continues to be an original flagship series for the service. Its Visionary creators Robert and Michelle King and all the extraordinary cast continues to explore the cultural climate with insight, humor, and courage, and we can’t wait to see where these indelible characters go next.”

The Good Fight

Three seasons of the legal thriller series are already released, along with some of the episodes of season 4. Season 4 episodes are quite thrilling and adventurous, following the words said by the showrunner, Robert.

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Before the launch of Season 4, Robert said that season four will be-

“a little more absurdist than the most years”.

So, to get you further insight into his words let’s check the IMBd rating of The Good Fight.

IMBd Rating of the Previous episodes:

As per the IMBd, The Good Fight attain an 8.3 rating, which is quite remarkable. Almost every viewer appreciated the legal thriller show. Have a look at the IMBd- The Good Fight.

The Good Fight

What are the Reviews of the Legal Thriller Watcher?

For more clarity, have a glance at the reviews of the show.

The Good Fight Season 4:

Angelica Jade:

Its fourth season premiere, “The Gang Deals With an Alternate Reality,” feels especially incendiary, even for a show that has metabolized such contentious issues as the pee tape and the Shitty Media Men list.

Joshua Rivera:

The Good Fight excels at satire that is both over-the-top and incredibly sharp – a talent that has made it the first truly good series about the Trump era, even as it continues to unfold.


I would have given five stars, except I found Season 4 uncomfortable and over the top. Except for the final scene-Loved that! Season 1-3 were excellent—great acting, likable characters, and adversaries. Furthermore, Storylines can go astray at times but not enough to lose any rating stars. I only wish this available on regular CBS so I do not have to get a free week each year of CBS Access to watch this enjoyable show.

The Good Fight Previous Shows:

Gigi I

Great show!! You will be hooked.


Politically spiced and lawfully right! Great show, good characters, nice flow, binge-worthy.


Now, share your review if you have watched The Good Fight in the comment section.

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Is it worthful to Watch Good Fight Season 4?

Confused….whether you should watch Season 4 or not??

As per the ratings and the reviews, the show is worthful to watch. This legal drama will hook you with its crime cases with lots of twists and turns. So, we recommend you watch Season 4; if you have already watched some of its episodes, share your experience with us.

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The Good Fight Season 4 Episodes:

How many episodes of the season are released?…. This is one of the trending topic these days. Ever since the news of the Good Fight Season 4, every fan is looking for information regarding the release date of every episode. Till now, seven episodes of season 4 has been released.

So, for your convenience, here we have summarized the episode with its release date.

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Episode 1:

Episode Name: The Gang Deals with Alternate Reality(Thursday 9 April 2020):

Good Fight

In this episode, Diane Lockhart perceives himself in an alternate reality where Hilary Clinton is holding the presidentship, and Donald Trump has never been elected for the United States. Moreover, Diane is delighted, and she realized that “how different outcomes of the 2016 election might have unexpected consequences”.

Episode 2:

Episode Name: The Gang Tries to Serve a Subpoena(Thursday 16 April 2020):

Good Fight

Curious to know what happens in Episode 2??

You will explore Reddick, Boseman, Lockhart in this episode. Furthermore, in the show, they all will try to adjust themselves to the new landscape, a small subsidiary of STR Laurie. Moreover, Lucca will get high profile and exciting divorce case which comes with David Lee, an unexpected partner.

Episode 3:

Episode Name: The Gang gets a call from the Hr(Thursday 30 April 2020):

The good Fight show

DNC will seek help from Reddick, Boseman, and Lockhart. DNC asks to make a plan to engage the African-American voters. But the discussion goes personal for one of the companions. The most exciting part about the episode is Diane is in shock as all the court documents linked with the case are misplaced, and leading her down. Furthermore, Marrissa associates Caleb Garlin(Hugh Dancy).

Episode 4:

Episode Name: The Gang is Satirized and Doesn’t Like it(Thursday 7 May 2020)

The Good Fight Show

In this episode, the prior divorce client, Duncan Herz, asks for the firm’s help for a new play ongoing, which is based on his divorce. Moreover, he shares the details and digs more of his dirty laundry.

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Episode 5:

Episode Name: The Gang Goes to the War(Thursday, 14 May 2020):

The Good Fight

This episode familiarises you with their secret rendezvous. Additionally, Liz and Caleb explore themselves in a similar case, defending the soldier court-martialed. Further, you will see Lucca will chaperone her client and her new friend, Bianca. The episode is quite interesting as it will offer a remarkable tour of the Caribbean.

Episode 6:

Episode Name: The Gang Offends Everyone(Thursday, 21 May 2020):

The good fight

Episode sixth is very relishing as the case takes many twists and turns. The firms do numerous adventures to solve the case; even they went to rough waters for the solution. Moreover, Adrain approached the DNC with a unique and forcible offer but Diane and Julius join together to trace 618.

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Episode 7:

Episode Name: The Gang Discovers who Killed Jeffery Epstein(Thursday 28 May 2020):

The good Fight

Now, in this show, Reddick, Boseman, and Lockhart are hired to investigate another death. They will be investigating renowned New York inmate Jeffery Epstein. Additionally, while back at the office, STR Laurie tightens their hold on the firm by pressuring Daine, Adrian, and Liz to pursue the layoffs. Overall, the show will hook you with its twist and turns.

The cast of Good Fight Season 4:

I know you all are excited to know about the cast members. Here is the list:

Th good Fight

Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart

Cush Jumbo acted as Lucca Quinn.

Liz Reddick-Lawrence in the role of Audra McDonald.

Marissa Gold played the role of Sarah Steele.

Julius Cain acts as Michael Boatman.

Jay Dipersia performs as Nyambi Nyambi.

Adrian Boseman acts as Delroy Lindo.

Following are the prominent cast members of the Good Fight Season 4. Now, you let us know which cast member is your favorite in the comment section.

Where to watch The Good Fight Season 4:

Generally, most of the fans are aware of each and every aspect of their favorite shows but are not well aware of where they can easily watch their series.

So, to take out of this dilemma- here we are.

You can stream Good Fight on CBS All Access. To access CBS, you have to register yourself on the site and buy its subscription as per your need.

The Good Fight

If CBS doesn’t suit you, you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video; even you get the option to watch on CBS with the help of Prime Video(recently added).

Bottom Lines:

This article is all about Good Fight Season 4, which provides you detailed information about the latest episodes, including their release date, where to watch, and it is worthful to watch or not.

Hoping this information is useful for you. Additionally, if you need some support, then report to us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. Is there will be Season 4 of Good Fight?

Ans. Yes…there will be Season 4 of Good Fight. As of now, seven episodes of the Season 4 of Good Fight has already been released. You can watch them and relish yourself.

Ques. How many seasons of Good Fight are there?

Ans. Well, till now, four seasons of the Good Fight has premiered. Recently, on April 9, 2020, the first episode of Good Fight has released.

Ques. Is the Good Fight returning in 2020?

Ans. Yess.Good Fight is back in 2020. Good Fight Season 4 has released its seven episodes in 2020.

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