The Golden Child: Dark-Fantasy American Movie Featuring Eddie Murphy And J. L. Reate

In this post, today we are going to talk about this American dark fantasy drama, The Golden Child. The film was out in 1986, created by  Michael Ritchie. and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The Golden boy features Eddie Murphy as the main protagonist in the story, the film shows the story of a boy who got kidnapped, later he becomes the faire savior of mankind. The movie grossed around $79,817,937 at the Box Office which is great, I think.

The Golden Child

The Golden Child- What About The Film Is?

The story starts in a temple that is situated in Tibet. A  boy which has mysterious and magical capabilities. He is the main role of the story on the other side we see, a perplexing man, Sardo Numspa, who has his men break into the sanctuary, butcher the priests, and kidnap the kid.

A young lady, Kee Nang, watches a Los Angeles TV show in which social specialist Chandler Jarrell discusses his most recent case, a missing young lady named Cheryll Mosley.

Kee searches him out and illuminates him regarding the capturing of the Golden Child and that he is the “picked one” who might save the Child.

Chandler doesn’t approach this in a serious way, even after a bird starts following him, and he discusses an astral prominence of the Boy.

The following day, Cheryll Mosley has discovered dead almost a neglected house spread with Tibetan spray painting and a pot loaded with blood-doused cereal.

Kee uncovers to Chandler that this house was a holding place for the Child and acquaints him with Doctor Hong, a spiritualist master, and Kala (an animal half-mythical beast, half lady, who stays taken cover behind a screen).

At the end of the story, we see Chandler and the Child head to Doctor Hong’s shop, the same place where Kee is placed.

As the two methodologies, Kee is serious, her body is filled with a number of wounds. However crazy Numspa assaults Chandler, yet at the same time, the talisman the Old Man sold Chandler ensures him and shoots the knife from Numspa’s hand.

The Child utilizes his sorcery to put the knife once more into Chandler’s hands, and Chandler cuts Numspa through the heart, obliterating him.

At that point, the kid decided to use his powers and utilize the last beams of daylight and his forces to bring Kee resurrected. The three later go for a stroll examining the Child’s re-visitation of Tibet.d and the story ends…

The ending of the story simply means that we are going to see one more season with a new concept but a different child.

Character Details Regarding The Golden Child-

The movie comprises a number of faces, Eddie Murphy as Chandler Jarrell, Charles Dance as Sardo Numspa, Charlotte Lewis as Kee Nang, J. L. Reate as The Golden Child, and Victor Wong as Old Goupa.

Randall “Tex” Cobb as Til, James Hong as Dr. Hong, Shakti Chen as Kala, Tau Logo as Yu, Tiger Chung Lee as Khan, Pons Maar as Fu, Peter Kwong as Tommy Tong, and Wally Taylor as Detective Boggs.

Some other featured actor for the film is Eric Douglas as Yellow Dragon, Charles Levin as TV Host, Marilyn Schreffler as Voice of Kala and Frank Welker as Voice of the Thing and The Dark Lord.

The Golden Child

Do you know what is the twist in the film? The child in the main lead who is titled the “Golden Child,” is actually a girl, Jasmine Lauren Reate who played the role of a boy. She was just seven years old in the film but her acting is commendable.

After the film, The Golden Child we haven’t seen in any other projects, this is her first and the last performance but still she has a place in everyone’s heart whenever we talk about the “Golden Child.”

The Golden Child

So, Where We Can Find This Amazing Movie, The Golden Child?

I know after reading our post, you are wondering to watch it for sure! If you haven’t seen it yet! Don’t be shocked, I do mind-reading too 😉

Well, the film is currently available to stream on multiple platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and on the official website of Starz.

Before ending this section, let’s have quick information regarding the ratings of the film with some audience reactions as well.

Golden Child Ratings-

The ratings are mediocre for the film, it only got around 6 points out of 10 from the IMDb and only 22% from Rotten Tomatoes.

The grades are not good enough for the film, You either love it or hate it. Film critics and fans certainly seemed divided upon the movie’s original release. The truth is that yes parts of this 80’s classic may seem a little cheesy, goofy, and lame… A viewer said.

Official Teaser of The Golden Child-

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Terminal Lines

So, in this post, I have tried to cover every genuine detail regarding the film but still, if you have something in your mind that we have missed in our post, then let me know in the comment section, I will reply to you with the genuine answer to your query.

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