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The Glory Episodes 7 and 8: Ending Explanation and Recap

“The Glory” Part 2 is foreshadowed in the final two episodes of “The Glory.” Both Dong-Eun and Yeon-Jin had their teeth bared, resulting in a gory outcome. In the previous two episodes, Dong-Eun assembled a group of devoted allies to assist her revenge scheme.

Do-Yeong, Yeon-spouse, Jin, and the rest of the gang, including Yeon-Jin, believe they have been threatened by Myeong-O and are searching for him, despite the fact that he is dead. Will Dong-Eun expose herself to danger? What will the final outcome be for her?

The Glory Part 1: The Ending Explanation

Just when Dong-plan Eun appears to be coming together, it appears to be faltering. Seo-body Hee is missing, Yeon-Jin has not confessed to her murder, and her inside man, Myeong-O, has died prematurely. She appears to be in over her head. While assisting Dong-Eun, we hope Hyeon-Nam and Yeo-Jeong do not suffer collateral damage.

Revenge is a solitary pursuit. In the episode, Dong-character Eun endures a great deal of suffering, yet we watch her overcome obstacles on her own, with the help of kind people. Even with her horrible parents, Ye-Sol turns out to be a lovely youngster. What will Do-Yeong do about the fact that she is not his? Will his affection for Ye-Sol lead him to support Dong-Eun? Teacher Chu appears to be a candidate for Yeon-team Jin’s within the school.

Even after discovering all of Dong-“work,” Eun Yeon-Jin can’t do much now that Dong-scheme Eun’s is already in action. Dong-Eun will demonstrate how even influential people may be dethroned if done properly. The fallen have risen and brought their all, so we are now prepared to witness Part 2 of “The Glory”!

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The Glory Episode 7 Episode Recap: The Hunt Begins

Yeo-Jeong saw Dong-injuries Eun’s and agreed to join her “search” at the conclusion of the sixth episode of “The Glory.” Do-Yeong searches through his wedding images for Myeong-O and inquires about him to Yeon-Jin. She inquires if Myeong-O threatened him, to which Do-Yeong responds that her friends are odd, as Jae-Jun also inquired the same thing.

Yeo-mother Jeong discovers his letter from prison. It turns out to be a menacing message from the man who murdered his father. At home, Yeo-Jeong fantasizes about stabbing the man who murdered his father in the stomach and neck. Sa-Ra hands Dong-Eun the bag containing the dollar-denominated currency. She informs Hyeon-daughter Nam that she intends to send her overseas and has the necessary funds.

The Glory Episodes 7 and 8: Ending Explanation and Recap

To gain insight into Yeon-husband, Jin Jae-Jun attends Hye-wedding Jeong’s dress fitting. When she inquires as to whether Yeon-Jin and Jae-Jun are still together, he responds that someone like her could never be suitable for him. Jae-Jun then visits Ye-Sol and confirms her colorblindness, assuring her of his continued protection.

Sa-Ra and Hye-Jeong discover the stolen watch and clothes of Jae-Jun at Myeong-residence. O’s They also discover his passport and ticket to Russia and realize he has not departed. When they encounter Yeon-Jin, she considers reporting him to the police, but Sa-Ra is adamantly opposed to the idea, as he is her drug supply.

Dong-Eun delivers cash in secret to the individuals who followed her before the disaster. Hyeon-Nam pursues her to find the men. Yeo-Jeong informs his therapist that he would no longer visit her because she is unable to cure his condition. Jae-Jun asks an attorney how he might obtain custody of Ye-Sol.

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The Glory Episode 8 Recap

Jae-Jun provokes Do-Yeong in order to test his patience as they continue their discussion from the previous episode. We witness another flashback of little Dong-Eun being bullied by Myeong-O and Jae-Jun. In the present, when Jae-Jun encounters Dong-Eun on the school grounds, he reminds her of that day and even “blows” at her wound.

The Glory Episodes 7 and 8: Ending Explanation and Recap

Dong-Eun perseveres and informs him that if he desires Ye-Sol for himself, he must side with Dong-Eun and not Yeon-Jin. Yeon-Jin subsequently discovers from Ye-Sol that Do-Yeong and Jae-Jun both attended the school. Do-Yeong meets Hye-Jeong to learn what transpired at school between Yeon-Jin and Dong-Eun.

Hye-Jeong informs him that everything began when Dong-Eun refused to clean the toilets when it was Yeon-turn Jin’s to do so, prompting Yeon-Jin to have Myeong-O assault her. Yeon-Jin warns Do-Yeong to stay away from her school life’s “Pandora’s Box” and reminds him that he likes her for her position and beauty.

The mother of Yeo-Jeong sees the murderer of her husband in prison and asks him why he is sending letters to her son. He informs her that he is doing it out of boredom.