Is “The Gifted Season 3” Will Be Renewed In 2021?

“Mary Adler: You drive like an old lady.

Frank Adler: It’s Florida; I’m blending in.”

Do you remember this conversation between Mary and Frank? If you remember this, you will definitely be wondering about The Gifted Season 3.

The Gifted Season 3

Actually, after the ending of The Gifted season 2, fans are querying about season 3. So, in this article, we will share all information about season 3. Be with us to get all the recent updates:

The Gifted Season 3:

The American superhero television series “The Gifted”, created by Matt Nix for Fox. In association with Marvel Television, Fox Television produced the series. Moreover, the Nix served as showrunner.

A science-fiction superhero show has everything which audiences dream of in a series. Along with the science-fiction drama, it has action and adventure to bind the users with the storyline.

The storyline is unique where X-man disappeared, and parents are forced to take up their kids on the run when they released that the children are suffering from mutant abilities. Furthermore, you will explore the X-Men world in the series.

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The Gifted Season 3: Is it Happening?

Since the completion of season 2, fans are asked about the future of the show. Is it coming or not…

Regrettably, as of now, season 3 is canceled by Fox.

According to the TVLine, Fox’s “lowest rated, least-watched drama,” the show producer Matt Nix recently recognized in an interview with the publisher. Furthermore, he added, “We would like our ratings to be higher as primetime network show”.

But while having words with the Slash Film, Nix said all is not lost and that they could turn to stream as an option: I think that my sense is that the most likely thing is that if we come back, we’ll go back in some sort of creative way. Some partnership, because I think what we’ve discovered is that fans of The Gifted are big fans of The Gifted.

“We have a solid fanbase, and it’s a little small for the broadcast networks. But we do well on streaming, so there may be; my hope is that there’s something to work out in that realm.”

So, there is little hope to show return. The show is canceled by Fox, but Fox is not the creator of the show. We can expect its comeback, but the possibilities are not so high.

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The Gifted Season 3: Release Date:

Currently, season 3 renewal is denied by Fox, so there will be no Season 3 and its release date. If it gets renowned, then the series will follow its previous pattern for the release.

We will update the section as soon as the show gets a positive signal from the creators, and the release date is confirmed.

IMBd Rating:

Looking to know about the series rating, then stay tuned. We have listed for you.

The IMBd rates The Gifted series 7.3, which is acceptable. If you want to know more about it – have a glance at the screenshot.

The Gifted Season 3

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User’s Feedback:

To give you more transparency about the series, we have shared audience feedback. Do share your feedback as well with us.


If The Gifted hones in more on the family aspects and less on Greater Conspiracies, Fox could have a fun X-Men lite ride on its hands. Just don’t expect the same level of complexity as FX’s Legion.


The writers do an excellent job of mentioning the timeline in connection with the X-Men. And it is evident from the beginning; this will be a story about survival. The heroes are clearly defined, and the report gives you enough reason to root for the mutants.


The show was excellent and intriguing, I liked the fact that it was based on the X men and had its element. I absolutely loved it, and I really recommend watching it.


I love the group’s interpersonal dynamics; the leaders, both villains, and heroes are shown in a more realistic light showing both their high moments and their flaws.

Are there any chances that season 3 be revived?

There are chances, but low. Actually, the production of The Gifted is handled by Marvel Television, which has run for about Hulu and Disney Freeform.

Show renewal is based on the Disney decision, not on Fox. The series is not owned by Fox. So, hoe for the best and wait for the maker’s decisions.

Where to stream The Gifted Season 3?

There are chances that season 3 will be available on Hulu or you can access it through the real-time feature. You can’t access it on Fox as the showrunner during the Television Critics Association said:

If the X-Men show was recharged, he accepted that The Gifted season 3 wouldn’t air on Fox or broadcast TV yet rather could be seen through a real-time feature.

The Gifted Season 3

Maybe, the Nix has noticed that fans are eagerly waiting for season 3. Moreover, its fanbase is also faithful; however, they are less in number, but still, they are having positive remarks in the producer’s mind.

The Gifted Season 3: First Look:

The first look of the series is not yet released. Once the show receives a positive sign and the production works get started, we can only expect its first look. Till then, hope for its continuation, then we can expect something further.

Famous Dialogues:

Do you remember the conversation between The gifted characters or their famous characters? If not, then enjoy them, we have compiled all its famous quotes for you.

The Gifted Season 3

  • “Roberta Taylor: I’m so worried.

 Frank Adler: Come on, Roberta. If you start crying, I will have to pretend to start crying.”

  • Evelyn Adler: Midlife crisis, apparently.

Frank Adler: He’s 70.

Evelyn Adler: I know. Must have been on time delay or something.”

  • Frank Adler: Diane instructed me very clearly… that I was only to publish it postmortem.
  • Evelyn Adler: She died six years ago.

Frank Adler: It wasn’t her death she was talking about.”

  • “Never get on the bad side of small-minded people who have a little authority.”
  • “This is gonna be fun. You’re gonna meet kids today you can borrow money from the rest of your life.”
  • “She’s not normal, but if Einstein can ride a bike, so can she.”

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many seasons does the Gifted have until now?

The series only has two seasons, till now.

Will there be a season 3 of The Gifted?

Fox has canceled the series, but the showrunner hasn’t. So, there are few chances for the Season 3 comeback. If the creators don’t give any positive response, then Season 3 will not arrive.

What is the reason behind the Gifted cancellation?

The exact reason for the show’s cancelation is not known yet, but Fox is accepting its high rating with high viewership; but in reality, The Gifted is one of the least rated Fox shows, so Fox has dropped the show.

How The Gifted end?

At the ending of Season 2, Reed Strucker(Stephon Moyer) devoted his life to save and Reeva Payge( Grace Buyers), finishing her dream to make her homeland by defeating the United States Government.

Where to stream The Gifted?

All the previous seasons of The Gifted are available on Hulu. You can access them on Hulu- season 1 and season 2 both.

What is the name of the last episode of the Gifted?

The name of the last episode of The Gifted is – oMens.


The article was entirely based on The Gifted Season 3. All its fans are waiting for the continuation of the series but the no concrete signal from the creators about its renewal.

The only thing we can do is wait for the decision of Marvel Television. Now, the series continuation is dependent on Marvel Television’s verdict. We will share with you as quickly as we get any authorized updates. Till then, if you have any questions, then feel free to ask.

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