The Future Man Season 4 Have A Future Or Not?

There was no downside to cocaine. Period. If you have a chance to try it, I strongly recommend it. – This is a famous dialogue of the series The future man. Have you seen this show or not? Let me know in the comment section. The future man is a great show and if you are watching it for the first time, we’ll tell you everything about this show which should be known by the audience.

Moreover, the show has 3 installments in it and there is news regarding the fourth season is currently not renewed by the broadcasting television program Hulu. Who much this news is right? Let’s check in this article.

The future man – Know About it.

The future man Cover photo

The Future man is an American TV drama whuch is best known for it’s humor and comedy. This show was first comes out in 2017 on the Hulu. The show gain it’s popularity from the season 2 onwards and after that it is known all over worldwide.

Till mow the future man has released it’s three season and the Hulu have not renewed the season 3. With the total of 35 Season, if you are looking to watch this show go for it. The show is best for the people who loved comedy series in general.

The Future Man Season 4 – Is it going to happen?

Unfortunately, the season 4 of The future man will not be happening so far. As we know that the TV production under which this show run doesn’t care much about The Future man.

Despite the popularity all around the season was finished in 3 season. However, the Developers of the show are well known by this fact and they try to make the show ending fine for the audience.

However, nothing is officially announced yet, whether this season will get renewed or not. But for now on, this season is cancelled by the Hulu.

The future man 4. – Why it is cancelled ?

The show do have large popularity, infact more people are coming to see this series because of the online hype. In general, if anything like this happens with a show, the Developers try to stretch the show and try to entertain people more. However, nothing like that happens in the future man Season 4 case.

But we can’t deny the fact that this show didn’t attract tgat much audience as we have think it was. Additionally, there is no single award in the bag of the future man.

The people who are finding this show entertaining are asking for a season 4. But the authority gave no response to it.

Furthermore, neither the actors nor the Directors have commented any thing regarding the show. But if there will be any news, we’ll update you as soon as possible and for that stay in touch with our website.

Also, Hulu has other works to do besides launching Season 4. As you are already know that recently Disney got the ownership over Hulu and Hulu is now owned by Disney. So, they have other task to do other the The future man Season 4.

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The future man 4 – Storyline

The future man

As the future man is already cancelled but it would be fun to see what would be the storyline of the series. The story basically revolves around Josh Futturman who is a caretaker. He usually get busy in playing videogames.

After playing his favorite video game for long time, he successfully completes his video game. By the way it wouldn’t be the best thing to not mentioned that this game is one of the toughest game and it is considered unbeatable.

Before heading further I want to tell the name of the game i.e. Biotic Wars. After completing the game, suddenly the game’s two main characters name Tiger and Wolf appear in front of Josh. He asked him to join them and at the same time they recruit Josh to save the world from the real Biotic Wars. Josh and his other fellow members travel through time machine in order to change the future and make the world free from enemy.

Now, in the last season they have successfully completed and the ending.

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The Future Man – Rating

The future man was a great show and receive well praises from the people all around the world. You’ll get a better understanding of the show by looking the show ratings. The show have all over 91 percent of Rotten tomatoes whereas the IMDb rating of this show is 7.7/10.

Additionally, the show have 7.7/10 ratings in

The Future Man – Favorite Dialogue

  • “There was no downside to cocaine. Period. If you have a chance to try it, I strongly recommend it.”
  • Can I see a Dinosaur? Can I please see a Dinosaur?
  • He looks like a little banana. Where are you from pal?
  • Bob: Wha – why is there tape on your nose?

Dignan: Exactly!

  • Kumar: Man, I blew it. I blew it, man!

Anthony: Kumar, what were you doing in the freezer?

Kumar: I don’t know, man; I lose my touch, man!

Dignan: Did you even have a touch to lose, man?

  • Dignan: Bob Mapplethorpe, potential get-away driver: go!

Bob: Well, I think there’s a real air of mystery about me.

Dignan: Don’t complicate it. Your number one strength is you have a car you can provide. Sell yourself! Start over. Ready, go!

Bob: Okay, alright. I’m a risk taker! I’m growin’ an entire crop of marijuana plants in my parents back yard! I think that sDignan: Wait, you’re growing an entire crop of marijuana in your back yard?

Bob: Dignan, look. I’m just not very good at this selling-yourself stuff, okay? So, I’m just gonna tell you the truth. I really wanna be a part of this team. And I’m the only one with a car.

Dignan: That’s good. That’s good. ‘Cause that hits me right here.


As I already stated that the show was not that hit during the initial days but gain a lot of popularity after the second season. Hence, the show have a good response from the people around. Let’s take a look at the review of the Future man in deep and help yourself to understand the show better.

Nancy hemisworth

“The writers of this show have the most amazing minds. I don’t know how someone could come up with the plot to this as this is probably the weirdest show I’ve seen in a long time, but in a good way. This show brilliantly captures what it might be like if someone from our time was brought through other dimensions and timeframes. The characters, Tiger and Wolf are influenced by the time they came from which heavily impacts how they interact with others including the main character Josh, who they always seem to disagree with. This show is not suitable for children because it has explicit content, but it’s hilarious, and you’ll never know what’s going to happen next.”

Christian Louboutin

“I really liked watching this show. I tried to watch one episode a day but just binge watch it every time a new season comes out. This show is well written, fresh, entertaining, great acting from everyone especially Eliza Coupe in season 2 I found she was hilarious when there was another version of her, funny in a unique way, not predictable, you always want more. Seriously if you think about watching it, DO IT! Watch the first 3 episodes and you will be hooked.”

Last Words –

The future man has released it’s third and last part and now we’ll not going to see any more season of it. Hulu have decided to not renewed any more of it’s episode. The fans were excited to see more of this comedy series but we have to say Goodbye to the future man. With 35 episode in total, you can see this series if you haven’t seen it. If you love comedy drama this one is definitely for you.

If you want to know about any other webseries, movies then let us know in the comment section.

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