The Four: Battle for Stardom Season 3 | Release Date | Plot And More

It is an American reality singing competition show that premiered on Fox.

Season 1 premiered from January 4, 2018, to February 8, 2018, and ran for 6 episodes. the series got quite popular and got 500,000 subscribers on the Youtube channel. Consequently, Season 2 premiered from June 7, 2018, to August 2, 2018, and ran for 8 episodes. The show was also nominated for several awards and won Best Talent Show in National Film & Television Awards.

The Four: Battle for Stardom Season 3

However, the popularity of the show declined as one of the Judges named Walk was accused of Sexual harassment. He walks out of the show because of the allegations.

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The Release Date of The Four: Battle for Stardom Season 3. When Will It Air?

The showrunners have not uttered a word from their mouth. Fox has neither renewed nor canceled Season 3. Will The Four: Battle for Stardom return? Season 1 of The Four was premiered in early 2017-2018 and caught the attention of more than 3 million viewers. Consequently, Season 2 was released in the 2018-19 season. But viewers came down to below 3 million the second time. Those are also pretty well viewers.

So there are high chances that Fox will renew the series soon. It will likely hit the screen at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

The Four: Battle for Stardom Season 3

The Cast of The Four: Battle for Stardom Season 3. Who Will in It?

Well, we don't have a contestant list so far, but the three panelists will return for sure. The panelist includes-

We will let you know the contestant once the auditions are finished.

The Four: Battle for Stardom Season 3

The Plot/ Format of The Four: Battle for Stardom Season 3. What to Expect From It?

Though The Four is a singing competition, it differs from normal singing shows. Unlike the other singing competition, the auditions for the show take place in the four corners of the wall in front of the music panel. The panel unanimously decides the ultimate contestant who finally competes with The four. There is a various genre on which the Four challenges the new contestant. If the new artist wins, he replaces the one in the Four. Over episodes, all the contestants were eliminated except one who wins the whole challenge.

The singers have to go through the two rounds. In the first round, the new contestant performs before the live studio audience, judges, and The Four. When the performance end, the judges will decide which contestant will go forward. They will do it by way of a unanimous vote. If one artist gets yes, he will proceed to another round. Now the artist has to take the challenge from the Four. After the face-off between the artist and the member of the four, the studio audience gets the chance to vote. Whoever gets the maximum votes win and make his place in the group of four. Nobody will challenge that contestant until the next episode.

Well, season 3 will base on the same format.

Is There Any Trailer Available for The Four: Battle for Stardom Season 3?

The auditions have not started so far. T, you can not think of the trailer as of now. Once the trailer out, we will update it here.

What Is the IMDB Rating of The Four: Battle for Stardom?

The reality show did not perform well. Its rating declined after season 1. It scored an average of 4.2 out of 10.

Where Can We Watch The Four: Battle for Stardom?

It is available on giant platforms like Hulu, Fox, Amazon, and Netflix.

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Final Verdict

As we know, it is a reality show. The constants will make it or break it. According to the critics, the show is well planned, but the execution is poor. Some said that the show is set up and not real. The judges are not good too. Their comments are cliche. The host of the series is ok.

Well, we are hoping that season 3 will have some good contestants.

What to think about The Four: Battle for Stardom Season 3 in the comment section?

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