The Forest 2: Release Date| And Many More

sons of the forest

Can you imagine when you are a kid, you watch a horror movie and then you think that someone is around us? Yeah, Personally I had that imaginary someone with me and I had a fear around it. 

Now just think of, You are playing the Forest 2 survival game! (which is one of the famous horror games) and experiencing the fear! 

sons of the forest

Do you want to experience what it looks like?

Wait! Wait!

You can still dream of the horror game and also perform in it.

Either you call it “Sons of the Forest” or “The Forest 2” game, both are the same game where you can hunt, explore and survive everyday.

Do you want to know how this game excites and thrills everyone including you? Watch Sons of the forest 2 trailer now: 

Sons of the Forest 2 Trailer:

Endnight games, publisher of the game has released the official game play trailer. Even, to know the gameplay of this game, watch out the trailer till end of the video:

The forest 2 or another named sons of the forest is the continuation of the older game “the forest”. 

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This game features an open world by a first person view with no set of missions making the player make their own decisions for survival.

sons of the forest

Release Date of Sons of the Forest or the Forest 2:

Developer and publisher has revealed that forest 2 is coming  in 2021 with new features of lightning effects in the newer version of unity. 

They told us that when it rains the droplets of water are shown on weapons and water is flowing over the stones and the ground, and sometimes it also freezes.

The developer ensures their fans that the building system will be more absorption and reachable with more options to show your creativity.

What’s in the Game “Sons of the Forest”?

son of the forest

You highly anticipated this horror game where of course you will build your own base and fortress of solitude out somewhere in the forest as the name implies and in the game you are surviving the elements but much much more. 

It almost appears to have the budget of like the resident evil game but of course with the gameplay that we fall in love with in the mid 2010s with the forest everything from digging and exploring and trying to put the pieces together to break down. And in this survival game, you have to encounter the creatures.

And there are new breeds of monsters and cannibals as you might have seen in the above trailer how they are petrified and ready to haunt you in your dreams at midnight after playing the game.

sons of the forest

Are you ready for it?

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Although, there is no official detail about the platforms for “The Forest 2” where it will be available except for PC. 

The publishers said that they only focused on the current PC version. I am pretty sure that PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, alongside Xbox One and Xbox series S/X will also get the port for playing.

The main game the forest is the most popular game in the past having a large number of people connecting with this survival game coming from the consoles.

Unfortunately, there is no date announced for the sons of the forest release but it is sure that it will  be released in 2021. 

Till the time this game knock your doors, enjoy “The forest” which is currently available on the PSN Store and Stream for PC.


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