The Equalizer Season 5 Release Date: What Will Happen?

The Equalizer is an American crime drama television series which premiered on CBS on February 7, 2021. The show is made by Richard Lindheim, Michael Sloan, and Queen Latifah, who also acts in it. Other executive producers include John Davis, John Fox, Debra Martin Chase, Andrew Marlowe, and Terri Miller. Lindheim passed away from heart failure on January 18, 2021, while working on the show. The first episode is dedicated to him.

In this article, we’re going to look into when The Equalizer Season 5 might come out. We’ll check out any news, rumors, and trends to figure out when fans might get to see the new season. We’ll think about stuff like when it’s being made, if there might be delays, and how they usually tell people about new seasons. We want to give fans a good idea of when to expect Season 5, so they’re ready for it when it comes out.

The Equalizer Quick Facts

  • Based on: The Equalizer by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim
  • Genre: Action Crime drama
  • Developed by: Andrew W. Marlowe & Terri Edda Miller
    Andrew W. Marlowe
    Terri Edda Miller
    Joseph C. Wilson
    Adam Glass
  • Starring: Queen Latifah
    Tory Kittles
    Adam Goldberg
    Liza Lapira
    Laya DeLeon Hayes
    Lorraine Toussaint
    Chris Noth
  • Music by: Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge
    Robert Duncan and Sean Pack
    James Poyser
  • Executive producers: Liz Friedlander
    Richard Lindheim
    Queen Latifah
    Shakim Compere
    Debra Martin Chase
    John Davis
    John Fox
    Terri Edda Miller
    Andrew W. Marlowe
    Randy Zisk
    Joseph C. Wilson
    Eric Laneuville
    Loretha Jones
    Adam Glass
    Rob Hanning
  • Producers: Zoe Robyn
    Meredith Mills
    Joe Gazzam
    Erik Lee
    Jamila Daniel
    Raymond Quinlan
    Jolian Blevins
  • Editors: James Kilton
    Dorian Harris
    Matthew Philip Smith
    Nick Towle
    Brock Hammitt
    Doug Hannah
    Steven Lang
    James Michael Crawford
    Debby Germino
    Scott Lerner
    Camera setup
  • Running time: 43–44 minutes
  • Production companies: Davis Entertainment
    Martin Chase Productions
    Milmar Pictures
    Wilson Avenue
    Shattered Glass
    Flavor Unit Entertainment
    CBS Studios
    Universal Television
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Original language: English

The Equalizer Season 5 Release Date

Has The Equalizer Season 5 Release Date Been Confirmed?

CBS decided to renew The Equalizer for Season 5 earlier this May, citing the series’ continued strong reception. Having premiered in February 2021, the show has maintained momentum, promising another season of quality content. But the release date is not confirmed yet. It may be out soon. Also read Mayfair Witches Season 2 Release DateLa Chica Invisible Season 2 Release Date, and My Happy Ending Season 2 Release Date.

What Has Happened in The Equalizer Season 4?

The last episode of The Equalizer Season 4 was called “Shattered.” It aired on May 19th, 2024, on CBS. In this episode, Melody Bayani, also known as Mel and played by Liza Lapira, gets kidnapped by Eric, who was on her old Air Force team. Also, the episode shows Robyn McCall and Marcus Dante starting to like each other more. Later, Dante gets offered a job at the special investigation unit of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Even though Robyn is sad, she tries to persuade Dante to accept the job. Meanwhile, Mel manages to rescue herself from the kidnappers. The episode finishes with Dante heading to Los Angeles. Latifah is also one of the main producers of the show, along with many others. Also read Queen of Divorce Season 2 Release Date, and Somebody Feed Phil Season 8 Release Date.

What May Happen in The Equalizer Season 5?

Season 5 of The Equalizer continues where Season 4 left off. Despite his feelings for Robyn, Dante decides to take a new job in Los Angeles, even though his family is in New York. He wants action, not a boring desk job. Robyn loves him but tells him to go, not wanting to seem selfish.

Season 5 might solve this problem. Maybe Dante will come back, or Robyn will visit him. Meanwhile, Mel is taking a break from work after a scary incident. She needs time to heal. Season 5 might also show more of Robyn’s relationship with her daughter, Delilah. And there will be more episodes this season because of the Hollywood strike.

Who Will Star in The Equalizer Season 5?

The fifth season of The Equalizer will feature its core cast, with Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall, Tory Kittles as Marcus Dante, Adam Goldberg as Harry Keshegian, Liza Lapira as Mel, Laya DeLeon Hayes as Delilah, Lorraine Toussaint as Aunt Vi, Donal Logue as Colton Fisk, and Indira Wilson as Captain Watkins, alongside potential new additions, particularly for Dante’s storyline in LA.

How Did The Equalizer Season 5 Begin?

In November 2019, CBS said they were making a new version of The Equalizer. Queen Latifah would be the main character, Robyn McCall. Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller would run the show, and Latifah would help produce it. In January 2020, CBS decided to make a pilot episode. Companies like Flavor Unit, Davis Entertainment, Martin Chase Productions, CBS Television Studios, and Universal Television helped make the pilot.

By May 2020, they agreed to make the whole series. CBS said they would make a second season in March 2021. In May 2022, Marlowe and Miller left, and Joseph C. Wilson and Adam Glass took over. They also said they would make a third and fourth season. Finally, on April 25, 2024, CBS said they would make a fifth season.

The Equalizer Season 5 Release Date

Where to Watch The Equalizer?

CBS is the official network to watch The Equalizer.

Is The Equalizer Worth Watching?

The Equalizer is worth watching. If you enjoy action-packed shows with strong characters and engaging storylines, you might find it enjoyable. The series has received praise for Queen Latifah’s performance as Robyn McCall and for its blend of crime-solving and character-driven narratives. However, like any show, it may not appeal to everyone, so it’s a good idea to watch a few episodes to see if it’s your cup of tea.


In conclusion, The Equalizer is a crime show that started on CBS in February 2021. Queen Latifah plays the main character, Robyn McCall. Even though one of the creators, Richard Lindheim, passed away, they dedicated the first episode to him. The show has had some changes over time, like new bosses and getting renewed for more seasons.

They’re making Season 5 now, but we don’t know when it’ll come out yet. Season 4 ended with lots of exciting stuff happening, so fans are excited to see what happens next. The main actors, like Queen Latifah, Tory Kittles, and Adam Goldberg, will keep doing great job. Overall, The Equalizer is full of action and interesting stories, so it’s worth watching if you like that kind of show. But remember, everyone has different tastes, so it’s best to watch a bit and see if you like it. You can watch The Equalizer on CBS.

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