The Epic Episode Where Scott Finally Becomes an Alpha: You Don’t Want to Miss This!

We have always found vampires, zombies, ghosts, and werewolves fascinating. Teen Wolf is one such drama. This American television series was inspired by the 1985 film Teen Wolf.

Jeff Davis turned it into an MTV action series. The premiere aired on June 5, 2011. During Watching, you won’t know that the series is older than ten years. This spooky thriller received several prizes and favorable reviews.

Maximum series cast members reprised their original roles in the film. Scott McCall, a California-based adolescent, is the protagonist of this fictional drama. He accidentally transforms into a werewolf. Scott initially struggles to control his enhanced talents.

Eventually, he begins using them to defend his family, his friends, and the town. He eventually becomes an Alpha werewolf. Scott established his own pack. Now, you may be wondering how everything transpired. We will reveal everything to you. First, however, let’s learn more about the character.

In Which Episode Does Scott Finally Become a True Alpha?

Before getting into the specifics, let’s define an alpha werewolf. The alpha wolf is the dominant member of the pack. He is the strongest and most powerful individual. Other wolves can achieve Alpha status by killing an existing Alpha.

The Epic Episode Where Scott Finally Becomes an Alpha

But, a genuine Alpha achieves his position via willpower. Hence, they are among the rarest werewolves. Beta and Omega wolves typically have yellow eyes. Alpha wolves have crimson eyes and unique skills.

Scott was primarily an Omega wolf because he initially lacked a pack. But, in season 3, he begins to exhibit Alpha qualities. Dr. Deaton recognizes it and informs him that he is an authentic Alpha.

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In the 12th episode of Season 3, Scott attained Alpha status. It was broadcast on August 19, 2013. At the end of the fourth season, Scott had attained the skills of a True Alpha.

Everything About Scott McCall Teen Wolf’s Lead Character

Scott McCall is the series’ primary protagonist. Tyler Posey portrayed this character. The American actor is well-known for his performances in the films Doc and Maid in Manhattan. He has won multiple acting honors, including the 2002 Young Artist Award and the 2012 and 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

Now, we shall discuss Scott’s character. Scott appears in the series premiere episode. His friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) informs him in this episode that the police are searching for the body of a missing girl. To locate the body, the boys ventured into the forest.


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Sheriff Stilinski, however, catches him and brings him back. Scott is abandoned in the forest, oblivious of impending threats. A wolf attacked him with a vicious bite. Although he was able to save his life, the damage had already been done.

Scott’s family was a mess. Rafe McCall is Scott’s father, he is an FBI agent. Rafe formerly drank heavily and fought frequently with his wife Melissa (Melissa Ponzio). Hence, the couple separated. Melissa, Scott’s mother, reared him alone. She is a registered nurse.

Due to asthma, Scott had restricted athletic talents. Nevertheless, his life changes drastically after being bitten by a wolf. He gains greater mental and physical power. Eventually, he was named captain of his high school’s Lacrosse team. All of this, however, was accompanied by an increase in violent behavior.

Additional Main Characters in the Film

His buddies Stiles and Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) assisted him in maintaining a balance between his new persona and his previous existence. Derek is a natural werewolf who did not initially like Scott.

The Epic Episode Where Scott Finally Becomes an Alpha

But, eventually turns out as a valuable friend. Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig), kitsune Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho), and beta werewolf Liam Dunbar were also members of Scott’s pack (Dylan Sprayberry). To save his life, Scott changed Liam into a werewolf. Liam has anger management issues.

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Scott’s romantic life also becomes complex when he falls for Allison Argent, a werewolf hunter (Crystal Reed). He also served as Dr Deaton’s assistant (Seth Gilliam). The physician is a Druid, an intermediary between humans and supernatural beings. He functions as Scott’s mentor.