The Electrical Life of Louis Wain: Amazing Movie about the Life of Louis Wain!

Do you love cats? Cats are cute animals which are adopted by the people as pets nowadays and most of the cats are treated as family members in present time.

At the time of Louis Wain cats were only used to catch rodents and there was no other use of these animals and few of the people loved them.

But nowadays people make reels with their pets and show on instagram and tiktok as their favourite pet and sometimes cats give responses to their owners like copying them what the owners do.

So, let’s start the movie. What’s in it and when it will release and is the story of Louis Wain True?

Louis Wain is a multiple purpose man and he is an investor, artist and caretaker before doing extraordinary painting of cats when he adopted a homeless cat which he found from his garden and he got famous by selling his Painting of cats in which he draws unique things of cats.

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain is the 2021 film which is a biography film given by Will Sharpe and Simon Stephenson. In this movie Louis Wain role is played by Benedict Cumberbatch and the movie also features other cast like Claire Foy, Andrea Riseborough, and few others.

Release date of The Electrical Life of Louis Wain:

This is the main part of the article which is looked at by everyone to know when the movie or the show is coming. This biographical film was released on September 2 at the 48th Telluride Film Festival this year.

The first opening at the film festival is set to release in some parts on 22nd October, 2021 and then it will come on Amazon Prime Video on 5th November in the same year.

In the 1800s, cats were not given so much importance but when Louis Wain started as an eccentric painter he drew many paintings of cats which helped him get a job at “The Illustrated London News” which changed his life and from that time people started loving cats as a pet.

What About The Electrical Life of Louis Wain Is?

If we talk about the character Louis Wain which is played by Benedict and he was a real and tough man and somewhat cruel in other movies like “The Power of the Dog”.

But in this he is seen as a kind, clumsy and even awkward man who loves the cat and then started paintings on cats in less time for him and his family livelihood. The movie is simple, good and sweet one to watch and even the movie also gives the conclusion that if there were bad days then good days will also come and everyone’s life will change.

Do you also think it is a series with good moments which you rarely see in every movie.

What is the Story of The Electrical Life of Louis Wain?

The story revolves around a man- Louis Wain who is living with his family in which he has his mother and six sisters. When the movie starts you see that Louis Wain is the only male person who has the responsibility of running his home as his father had died and he had nothing to run the home.

He is also busy in experiments, flights of fancy and he knows that electricity is the only solution to all problems so he does many experiments and he is confident that he can correct and make things possible.

Beside these things he can draw pictures in seconds and the pictures or sketching made by Louis are beautiful and he can use two pencils at the same time. He is interested in drawing pictures of animals rather than human beings. When he got the job at London News he hired a beautiful girl to take care of his sisters.

That beautiful girl or governess is Emily Richardson but she used to live alone and weird in front of Louis. As the time goes on both fall in love but it is not called good in society as Louis is a gentleman and she is a servant class.

But they both didn’t care about what society thinks and married to each other. One day they found a cat in their garden and adopted it due to which most people think he is crazy and her wife also passed away due to breast cancer and from that time he started painting of his loved cat.

Last Lines

It is a good movie which is given 8.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDB and 81% Tomometers on Rotten Tomatoes. So, it is suggested for all to watch this wonderful and sweet movie of Louis Wain when it is on different platforms. Till then watch its trailer and also read other interesting stories on our website

Thank you all of you and hope you love this Louis Wain Story.

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