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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date: Things You Need to Know!

The dragon season 4 is one of the most awaiting seasons for animated movie lovers but the wait will be over now! Here is the release date, cast, plot and trailer of the dragon season 4.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy animated movies, and TV shows the Japanese anime industry has adults as a significant part of its audience. Japanese anime shows still rule the world of animated films and shows.

However, the American entertainment industry is trying to break its monopoly through web series like The Dragon Prince. Recently it was confirmed by Netflix that Dragon Prince Season 4 would come out soon.

If you are looking for fantasy adventure series on Netflix, Dragon Prince Season 4 has been announced, you better hurry and watch the previous seasons. The show has an 8.4 rating on IMDb.  

Dragon Prince Season 4: About the Series

The Dragon Prince Season 4

Dragon Prince is an American animated action web series. It’s created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond for Netflix.

Bardel Entertainment has done the animation for the series, and Wonderstorm is behind the production. The series’ first season “Book 1: Moon” came out on Sept 14, 2018, with nine episodes. The season two “Book 2: Sky” came out on Feb 15, 2019. And the third season “Book 3: Sun” premiered on Nov 22, 2019.

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The response to the series was enough for Netflix to give the order for four more seasons. It was announced in July 2020 that the series would be back with season four, following the pattern of 9 episodes per season. Even a video game set on the fictional world of the show is in the making. 

Dragon Prince: Plot of The Show

The Dragon Prince Season 4

The Dragon Prince is a story that is set in a fictional universe, where magic is real on the continent of Xadia. The magic is created from six primal elements:

  • The Sun,
  • Moon,
  • Sky,
  • Earth,
  • Ocean and
  • Stars.

The continent of Xadia is home to both the human race and mythical creatures like dragons, elves and coexisting peacefully. 

The humans were unable to use or create magic naturally. That’s where things start to turn ugly, fuelled by greed, humans begin using black magic to assert dominance, the only twist is that the magic was fuelled by the life essence of these mythical creatures. 

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The rift between the humans and the magical creatures grows both literally and metaphorically, as the hunting forces these animals to shift westwards of the continent and a massive river of lava split the land in two. 

The story is centred around our protagonists who go through a series of actions and adventures and how they manage to unite the humans and creatures – establishing peace. 

The cast of Dragon Prince Season 4

Callum – Voiced by Jack DeSena

Rayla – Paula Burrows

Ezran – Sasha Rojen 

Viren – Jason Simpson

Claudia – Racquel Belmonte

Soren – Jesse Inocalla 

King Harrow of Katolis – Luc Roderique

Queen Sarai of Katolis – Kazumi Evans

Commander Gren – Adrian Petriw

It’s expected that we might see some new faces in the upcoming fourth season. However, no official names have been dropped by the show-makers.

The trailer of Dragon Prince Season 4

The official announcement for the upcoming four more seasons was made in July 2020, but no trailer has been released from Netflix. If you haven’t watched the previous season, below is the trailer of season three: 

We expect the trailer to come somewhere around in November 2020.  

Release Date of Season Four

We know that Netflix has already released three seasons. The sources say that the Dragon Prince Season 4 was supposed to come out in May 2020 but due to COVID-19 pandemic production of almost every movie and the TV show was stopped. 

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That halt delayed the production and release date of the show. The speculations are that it will come sometime around late 2020 or early 2021.

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However, no official dates have been announced as of now. If such a date is announced, you’ll be updated quickly.


The current pandemic situation has caused economic slowdown throughout the world. Dragon Prince Season 4 is delayed due to it. Now, we understand your agony given that many of our readers are waiting for the latest seasons of their favourite web series.

Many production companies are resuming the work, so we expect them to finish the job before the year ends. But further delays are also no surprise. So better to do something else for entertainment. 

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