The Devil You Know Ending Explained

The explanation of The Devil You Know’s conclusion is a post that fans are now seeking. We have come up with the same information and packed every detail on the film’s conclusion, its characters, and if a true event influenced the narrative.

The film is based on a true tale by Charles Murray, who also served as the film’s screenwriter and executive producer. Murray’s ambition as a youngster was to become a filmmaker. His zeal convinced his family that he had no other alternatives.

In an interview with one of the nation’s main publications, Charles stated that the film also exploited his relationships with his brother. However, he was inspired to write the story after reading a newspaper article about a man who lied to his family.

Unsurprisingly, his family disowned him. The subject of the daily news article was avoided since he was dependent on his family. Let’s investigate what transpired at the conclusion of the film.

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The Ending of The Devil You Know Explained

Drew is revealed to have been responsible for the death of the parents and suspected child abuse. Moreover, when Al and Stacy became too difficult to manage, he murdered them and framed it as a robbery.

We also found that Drew’s friendship with Al and Stacy was a result of his financial struggles. Drew did whatever was necessary when the robbery didn’t proceed as planned due to everyone being at the residence.

The Devil You Know Ending Explained

murdering Stacey and AI. Due to Al’s inability to keep calm and Marcus’ anonymous phone call, which was investigated by investigator Joe, Drew was forced to turn to this alternative. Drew was on the run, so Al had to execute him and his partner.

Al had, in fact, struck Marcus and promised much more. Marcus is aware of Drew’s engagement, but the rest of the family is ignorant. Eva knows certain stuff, but what about Della, Antony, Terry, or Lloyd? Ignore the fact that they are the wives of Drew’s siblings.

They lacked knowledge. Therefore, Drew tries to cut Marcus to death when Marcus decides to release this burden since holding Drew’s secrets is the reason he has relapsed into alcoholism.

Drew was prevented from reaching rock bottom by the knowledge that his family did not regard him with disdain, as Marcus did and does. But once Marcus imparts this information and Drew witnesses his parents’ responses, he decides to go all out to live up to the renown Marcus has just given him.

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We do have a question: Will Marcus cease supporting his brother due to this? We wonder when Joe enters Marcus’ patient’s room in pursuit of information if Marcus would once again keep all data from Joe. We hope there will be a sequel so that this question may be answered.

What is The Devil You Know’s plot?

Drew, Marcus, Anthony, and Terry Cowans were raised in a pleasant, two-parent family. However, although the eldest and youngest brothers, Anthony and Terry, have wives, stable professions, and happy lives, the younger brothers are experiencing some trouble.

The Devil You Know Ending Explained

Marcus conquered his alcoholism and was freed from prison; however, his father Lloyd arranged for him to manage a municipal bus, and his sister-in-law paired him with her colleague Eva. Drew fails because his girlfriend leaves him, he loses his job, and he becomes so desperate that he spends time with Stacy and Al, who are infamous for getting into trouble.

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Due to this, the question of who will be judged guilty of the crime and whether it will be the product of competent investigation or snitching emerges after a murderous home invasion drives a soon-to-retire investigator called Joe to investigate.