The Devil to Pay Movie Ending Explained

Ruckus and Lane Skye wrote and directed “The Devil to Pay,” a thriller. After her husband disappears, Lemon, a married lady, is forced to redeem his death in the Appalachian Mountains. 

Lemon must negotiate the little community’s complicated property disputes to rescue her kid. Lemon’s narrative is riveted by the thriller’s intensity and frightening brutality. ‘The Devil to Pay’s finale is explained here.

The Devil to Pay Ending Explanation

Lemon flees as she realizes Tommy misled her into completing his dirty work. She distracts Bull and flees. Lemon knows the Runions will pursue her. She lures Bull to the cult’s territory. The sect bans firearms. Bull gets caught following Lemon to the cult’s grounds. The cult leader murders Bull with sulfuric acid for his hubris.

Lemon rescues Coy when Bull dies. Lemon deliberately attacks Coy’s career. Bull’s vehicle lures Wade outdoors. Lemon crowbars him. Lemon murders Wade by shattering his skull. Dixon, the last Runion gangster, threatens Lemon. She gets a pistol and makes him stop. She urges him to inform Tommy their bargain is done.

The Devil to Pay Movie Ending Explained

Lemon threatens to raise a Query if Tommy pursues Coy again. Dixon persuades Lemon that her acts will cause war. Lemon knows Tommy will kill her. She murders Dixon and confronts Tommy. Tommy attempts to dissuade Lemon from hurting her at that home. Lemon kills Tommy. Lemon embraces her son when all dangers are gone.

Lemon saves her kid when Tommy betrays her. Lemon also kills her opponents and makes it appear like a Knox-Runion battle. Thus, Lemon shows that a mother may fight for her child’s life.

Devil to Pay Plot Summary

In “The Devil to Pay,” Lemon Cassidy and her son Coy dwell in a modest Appalachian mountain cottage. Her spouse Tarlee works for local landlady Tommy Runion. Lemon thinks Tarlee went on a bender after he disappears for a few days.

She and Coy do housework alone. Tommy’s guys visit Lemon’s residence one day. The guys say Tommy wants to meet Lemon. She cannot bring Coy. Instead, the guys watch Coy at Lemon’s home.

Lemon visits Tommy and meets the Runion grandmother. Tommy tells Lemon Tarlee got caught stealing from her. Tommy let Tarlee fulfill his loan. She requested a favor in return for debt forgiveness. Tommy thinks Tarlee ran off with her money. She kidnaps Coy and makes Lemon finish. Lemon must work for Tommy to save her kid.

The Devil to Pay Movie Ending Explained

Is Tarlee Still Alive?

Tarlee, presumed to have fled, is absent from the picture. Lemon believes her husband will never abandon her and their children. Later, she discovers Tommy’s Tarlee transaction. Lemon thinks Tommy framed Tarlee for stealing money. She completes his duty to find Tarlee.

Lemon finds Tarlee’s vehicle and assumes he fought Peter Knox based on the bloody scene. Lemon discovers Tarlee’s severed fingers. Thus, she must consider her husband’s death. Since Tarlee dies off-screen, Lemon and viewers may hope for his survival. Lemon reports that Tarlee’s truck’s closest hospital is 38 kilometers away. Thus, Tarlee likely bled death before reaching the hospital.

Lemon tells Grady she’s going to live down the mountain in the film’s closing minutes. Grady says Lemon a corpse was found fifteen miles from the peak. Lemon is astonished that Tarlee attempted to reconcile with his family. Grady confirms Tarlee’s death and the body’s discovery. Lemon recovers from the family tragedy in two days with the knowledge.