The Curse of Oak Island Season 8: Latest Updates After Release!

When we were small we used to play a game dig-dug in which we practiced digging up something in the mud and make a map for our friends so that they will dig out the item and the one who find the item first becomes the winner.

Similar is the concept of the series “Curse of Oak Island” series. In this researchers, diggers and treasure hunters used to find treasure from Oak Island with their head Rick and Morty.

What Do We Know About The Curse of Oak Island 8?

The set is a reality television series. The story is quite good for you if you love finding the old treasure because you’ll see each character in the show is always in hurry to find treasures every day.

Curse of the Oak Island was premiere on January  5, 2014, for the first time, and suddenly the show becomes a massive hit on the History Channel. The story focuses on finding the old ancient and antique items. A number of researchers went in the woods of Oak Island to find Money Pit, Bore-Holes, Hatch, and Swamp. The one who has the map in his hands always has the chance to win the treasure.

Oak series is highly rated and enjoyed by its audiences. The first season secures a rating of 83% from Rotten Tomatoes. The good ratings of the show are the main reason why Rick and Marty decided to continue its sequel and then the third season and ended up giving us a total of seven seasons.

The seventh installment is not the end because Rick and Marty haven’t stopped here and are continuously giving us more of the series and boom release the “Curse of Oak Island Season 8“. Continue reading for more…

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8

Generation Dates of The Curse of Oak Island Season 8

Season seven completed on April 28, 2020, and only in six months, creators decided to release season eight. The octave season of the show is released on November 10, 2020, with a total of sixteen episodes.

Now the complete series has a total of 112( count till the seventh season)+ 16 episodes of season eight. The ratings are not in front of us at this time but we hope to see the update soon.  When the rating meters are updated by the official raters then we will add the rating section in the same post.

Stars of The Curse of The Oak Season 8

As we know the story mainly focuses on two brothers name Rick and Marty with their team Gary Drayton, Alex Lagina, Scott Barlowe, Tom Nolan, Gary Drayton, Ian Spooner, Terry Matheson, Billy Gerhardt, Charles Barkhouseand Jack Bagel.

All the above names are seen in the show again. On the other hand, the entry of Billy Gerhardt and Carmen Legge is loved by the fans.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8

Official Teaser For The Curse of Oak Island Season 8

For those who haven’t watch season 8 and its endorsed trailer, then here we have an official teaser for you, watch this and enjoy…

Last Lines

The show is quite good to watch in your available time. One thing you can do is, start streaming one episode every day of the series on FuboTV or on the History channel. You can also read our latest post- Are You The One Season 9: When Will MTV Renews The Show? Updates!  Devilman CrybabyShot In The Drak Season 2, or simply visit our Netflix Series.

If you have anything that might be heaving your mind then you can ask us in our comment section without feeling any kind of hesitation.

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More Queries

Where we can watch the Curse of Oak Island Season 8?

The Curse of Island is available to stream on FuboTV and also available to watch on the History Channel. The series has a total of 128 episodes that you can enjoy the whole year.

How many episodes The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 have?

The eighth series has a total of sixteen episodes that airs from November 10, 2020.