The Challenge Season 38 Episode 11: Episode Guide and About the Show

The release date for The Challenge Season 38 Episode 11 is imminent. The series examines a reality television program with a competitive basis. The shoe highlights contestants whose luck ran out in prior installments of the franchise, such as The Real World, Road Rules, and other reality television series. In each episode, the complete cast of candidates faces obstacles, and the winner will get $1 million if he or she is able to survive until the end.

In each episode of the series, the protagonist faces a new daily obstacle. There is a comprehensive selection procedure and an elimination round. After all of this has transpired, the teams proceed to larger issues, such as Bolas for Blood. Teams are asked to solve three mathematical equations. To assist them, the program will provide biographical information.

Later, they must explore the mud hole for the numbered bolas and tie them to the chain in order to discover the answers. Typically, the team that brings their bolas to the finish line first wins the round.

The second round is then presented as a balancing act. At this stage, just one team can play this game. In this round, team members must swim and then climb a ladder to complete a series of obstacles. There will be suspended shipping containers over the water, and the objective is to separate them all.

The Challenge Season 38 Episode 11: Episode Guide and About the Show

Release Date of Challenge Season 38 Episode 11

The Challenge Season 38 Episode 11 will premiere on December 21, 2022. Ride (or Die) With Me is the title. It will debut at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV. Each week, the channel releases fresh episodes of the series. They are routinely available on Wednesdays at the same hour.

MTV will telecast The Challenge Season 38 Episode 11. The episodes will be broadcast live on television if you tune in to the channel at the time and date listed above. In addition, those without home cards who wish to access the most recent episodes could visit MTV’s official website.

The Plot of The Challenge Season 38 Episode 11

This is a difficult challenge since members must use a rope to swing to a sloping platform positioned in the center of the arena. Eventually, their weight will be employed to rotate and then level the entire platform.

If a member of the team falls into the water, he or she will be eliminated and unable to compete in further rounds. The team that completes the entire round in the shortest amount of time ultimately wins.

The zoning game is the other type of game. We witnessed the opening round of You move, I move. The teams are forced to stand on a platform during this round. Afterward, they must guide up to five balls via a table maze. The team that successfully navigates all five balls through this maze wins the round. Memory Lane was the second round that was played.

In this sport, each team must take turns uncovering two tiles from its covered tile board. If all of the symbols on the tiles match, the teams will be able to turn them all over. In the event that this is not the case and there is no pattern match, the tiles must be placed face down. The round will be won by the team that uncovers all 24 tiles first.

The Cast of The Challenge Season 38

Here is the 38th season’s cast. You should take special note of the fact that former Survivor competitors Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald are partners on this season, as well as former Love Island USA finalists.

The Challenge Season 38 Episode 11: Episode Guide and About the Show

  • Tori Deal and Devin Walker
  • Johnny Middlebrooks and Olivia Kaiser
  • Fessy Shaffaat and Moriah Jadea
  • Laurel Stucky and Jakk Maddox
  • Kailah Bird and Sam Bird
  • Turabi “Turbo” Çamkıran and Tamara Alfaro
  • Nelson Thomas and Nurys Mateo
  • Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Nany Gonzalez
  • Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira
  • Darrell Taylor and Veronica Portillo
  • Kaycee Clark and Kenny Clark
  • Amber Borzotra and Chauncey Palmer
  • Nam Vo and Emmy Russ
  • Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald
  • Horacio Gutierrez and Olivia Kaiser
  • Kim Traenka and Colleen Schneider
  • Johnny Middlebrooks and Ravyn Rochelle
  • Tommy Bracco and Analyse Talavera