The Burning Question on ‘Outer Banks’ Fans’ Minds: Will Sarah and John B Together in Season 3?


In addition to eagerly anticipated reunions, there are also new loves and heartbreaking deaths when the Pogues return to the Outer Banks in search of more treasure. Big John, the father of John B (Chase Stokes), has returned, but he is not quite out of trouble.

Threats are attempting to capture him that pose grave harm to the entire organization. In addition, the relationship tension between John B and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) puts them in a precarious position.


Do Sarah and John B Get back Together?

Yeah, Sarah and John B reunite in season three. John B works for Sarah's father, Ward (Charles Esten), at the beginning of the series, while Sarah is in a relationship with Topper.

Sarah is the most popular girl in OBX, whilst John B is the unofficial leader of his friend group. They communicate frequently, and while their relationship is not inherently adversarial, their differences have a significant impact on it.


Will Sarah and John B Together in Season 3?

This relationship shifts after they spend the day together at Chapel Hill and Sarah becomes actively interested in the search for gold from the Royal Merchant shipwreck.

After discovering her father's role in the apparent death of John B's father, her allegiance irreversibly turns to John B and their mutual friends.

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Sarah and John B exchange wedding vow in an unofficial ceremony in the middle of the ocean during season 2, and despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, they remain together by the end of the season.

Why Did John B and Sarah Split Up in Season 3?

Big John and John B return to their village in Episode 6, “The Dark Forest,” after locating the idol. Big John requests that his son conceal this information from his buddies.

He underlines the necessity of keeping Sarah in the dark. Big John has no faith in Sarah or her family. John B follows his father's instruction and conceals it from Sarah.

As he tries to conceal the facts from his partner, he is incredibly chilly to her. Sarah detects John's deception and presses him for explanations. In his defense, John mentions that Sarah's father attempted to murder her.

Will Sarah and John B Together in Season 3?

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Before the much-anticipated Season 3 premiere, Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline spoke with Entertainment Weekly about their characters' rapid courtship and hinted that they will face their greatest challenge to date. “Love is not meant to be simple,” Chase told the site. “That is not something that should come naturally.”

Chase stated, “Part of me wants John B and Sarah to continue on the path of peace, but if we know anything about this show, it's that it's going to take you on a wild ride. They will be tried once more, and maybe the viewers will see it through the prism of what they're going through and the situations they're placed in.”

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Madelyn rightly defined John B and Sarah's relationship as an “emotional rollercoaster” and said, “It has been quite a trip once again this year. We really drove home the notion that family comes first, and that relationships and friendships are difficult and often messy, but you still care and love fiercely.”