The Blacklist Season 9: There Is a 2 Year Time Jump in the New Season After Keen Death!

The Blacklist is coming for season 9 which is an crime and thriller drama in which FBI agent Keen is murdered in season 8 finale and now the season will took the show with a gap of 2 years after the murder.

The original season of The Blacklist came on NBC in 2013 in which Raymond “Red” Reddington is the main protagonist and Red role is played by James Spader.

He is the former U.S. Navy officer before becoming the criminal of high profile but he thinks and surrenders himself to FBI in the hope of helping them and in exchange of short period of legal crimes instead of long proceedings.

Raymond knows everything where the most criminals live in the world and he willingly wants to share all information about the most dangerous criminals. He also insisted to work with Elizabeth Keen who is an FBI agent and played by Megan Boone.

Megan Boone announced that she is not working in season 9 and she positively thanked to all as she got an opportunity to perform such pivotal role. Boone announced this after the season 8 episode aired in which she was dead as she was wounded by a gunshot.

You already know that season 8 finale ends with the Elizabeth’s murder which means that story will also change its way and when the series come on October you know well.


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The Blacklist Season 9: Release Date

When the season 9 starts Reddington whereabouts are unknown and all are living different lives until the common purpose is not come.

The Blacklist Season 9

The Blacklist season 9 come on 21 October, 2021 at 8 pm in which you will see a two year gaps or time jump after the Elizabeth murder. The story will take the other way and it is heard that the entire FBI task force is dissolved.

The official logline is “ finds themselves at a crossroads for the upcoming episodes for the team which suggests they will return to the mission when something common take place in future and it also shows “ unimaginable conspiracies and surprising betrayals”.

So wait for episode 1 of season 9 to release on October 21, 2021. Episodes details for the season 9 is unknown at this moment but there is an expectation that it will have 20-22 episodes.

Exact no. of episodes is not known but it should be between 19 to 23 episodes if we follow the pattern of the series.

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The Blacklist season 9: Cast

The Blacklist Season 9

Mostly it’s previous cast will return for the Blacklist season 9 except Boone and the showrunner which I told in the article and also give the reasons.

Boone and Red are the life of the series but she is not returning to reprise her role in the new season as she was murdered in season 8 finale. There are chances that you will see new faces but it was not announced by NBC and the creator that who are the new cast members.

The Blacklist Season 9: Other Information and Plot

There are so many thrillers in this crime drama series and also Jon Bokenkamp creator of the series announced that he was leaving from the Blacklist and told in June.

There are many shift behind the series and the camera and this time he feels that he wants to try something new and different and this series will continue with full of life and strong creativity.

Now John Eisendrath is the along showrunner of the Blacklist and the viewers will get the show with same expectation as the previous season which wrote by both co writers together.

The Blacklist Season 9

It is expected that when the new season come viewers will give same love to the new season and its characters.

In the new season you will see how the game changes and what are the twists and turns come in the new episodes after losing one of the main character of the show as an FBI Agent is murdered and let’s see how her absence in the new season effects the show.

It is assumed that he is saving Elizabeth’s daughter Agnes after her mother is murdered in season 8 and after losing her daughter.

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Is There Any Official Teaser or Trailer for the Blacklist Season 9?

There is no official trailer from the NBC side for the season 9 but you have to wait for a short period for its official trailer. New official trailer come 2-3 days or a week before the release date so wait till that time and here watch its fan made trailer.

Where to Watch the Blacklist Season 8?

You can watch this thriller drama by streaming online on Peacock, NBC, just watch, amazon video, vudu etc.

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Last Lines

It’s great news for everyone that the new season is coming next month on October 21. It is a great thriller and crime series which streams on different platforms and if you haven’t watch it yet then you are missing a lot.

Enjoy your day while watching this amazing series which overall got 8.0 ratings out of 10 on IMDB. Also engaged with our other blogs which are crime, horror and thriller one.

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