The Big Bang Theory Cast Really Enjoyed Making Fun of Kunal Nayyar!

Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) was not always treated kindly by his friends on “The Big Bang Theory.” Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) disparaged his profession in astrophysics, Leonard Hofstadter and Howard Wolowitz (Johnny Galecki and Simon Helberg) rapidly forgot about him when they began dating women, and the entire gang criticised his group activities, such as a scavenger hunt.

In contrast to Sheldon’s view of Raj, Parsons’ first impression of Nayyar was overwhelmingly positive. In an interview with the cast of the television programme, “Parsons declared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in 2019 that Kunal was the most gorgeous man after the conclusion of the series. Having a preference for dark hair and eyes, he certainly met my criterion. I later determined that he was likewise quite talented.”

His Co-stars Made Fun of His Food Addiction

In 2016, during a cast interview on “Conan,” the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” made Kunal Nayyar the subject of a whole segment of ridicule.

Simon Helberg began the proceedings by making a joke about Nayyar’s love of eating while impersonating him. “Oh my goodness, you must see this downtown spot, dude! It is absolutely delicious! This branzino was served with a burning olive that afterwards burst.”

The Big Bang Theory Cast Really Enjoyed Making Fun of Kunal Nayyar

Johnny Galecki disclosed an extra interesting and endearing tidbit about Nayyar: “He is the most persistently wrong person I’ve ever met.” When Kaley Cuoco was contacted by Galecki to inquire about their meeting location, she showed bewilderment.

Despite the fact that he had never heard of it, Nayyar reportedly told everyone that this was Galecki’s favourite restaurant. Nayyar concurred, “The challenge is to say anything with conviction.

Cuoco cursed Nayyar daily at Warner Bros. Studios, where his BMW i8 claimed a chunk of her parking space. Given that the i8 had gull-wing doors, he need adequate space for entry and egress.

Nayyar harbours no ill will towards the four-and-a-half-minute roast. On a daily basis, he posts nostalgic Instagram photos with his old co-stars and sends them well wishes for their current endeavours.

Why Does the Entire Cast Always Appear to Be Eating?

As in numerous previous comedies, the cast of The Big Bang Theory often acted as if they were eating. This typical practice ensures that performers do not become full, regardless of the number of times a single take must be repeated to obtain the shot.

It also makes it simpler for them to time their delivery of a sentence. Cuoco and Nayyar separately explored this specific acting plot as Penny and Raj. Cuoco claimed on Instagram that all leftover food was donated at the conclusion of the session.

In the interim, Nayyar demonstrated (via Conan) several of the techniques used to film an eating scene on The Big Bang Theory. After pretending to chew, one of his ideas was to return the food to its containers.

The Big Bang Theory Cast Really Enjoyed Making Fun of Kunal Nayyar

Long before the premiere of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Leonard hosted Howard and Raj on a regular basis at Apartment A4. After Penny moved across the hall, she began eating dinner with them. Sheldon and Howard finally ate with Amy and Bernadette after establishing romantic bonds with them.

The scene of the cast eating takeaway in the living room became so well-known that it was featured as the series finale. During the earlier seasons of the show, the cast also dined in restaurants, specifically The Cheesecake Factory.

Penny and Bernadette both worked at the restaurant chain at the time, so the group frequently dined there. In addition, the men ate lunch at the Caltech cafeteria together. In fact, it was featured prominently in an episode of Young Sheldon, projecting the protagonist’s destiny.

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It appears that viewers of The Big Bang Theory did not mind all the fake food consumption. In fact, it was likely their favourite part of the show because it allowed all the characters to interact. Unsurprisingly, it also had some of the show’s most memorable scenes.