The Big 4 Ending Explained: What Happened With Dina in the End?

The Big 4 is an action comedy film on Netflix, Timo Tjahjanto is the director and co-writer of this Film. The Indonesian film focuses on the lives of four trained assassins and the film focuses on several fundamental themes, including sibling bonding, vengeance for a loved one’s death, and the discovery of illuminating explanations for one’s accumulated animosity.

As the story’s conclusion approaches, the intrigue increases due to a multitude of unexpected turns and killings. If the conclusion of “The Big 4” left you searching for explanations. stars Abimana Aryasatya, Putri Marino, and Lutesha in leading roles. After their adoptive father is murdered, they flee and hide on an island.

That is until his actual daughter arrives seeking explanations. The Indonesian film employs violence, violent fatalities, and ruthless action sequences to captivate the audience.

The Big 4 Ending Explained

A helmeted killer kills Petrus in the first act. The movie’s plot revolves around the Big 4’s mentor’s murderer. Antonio confesses to brutally murdering Petrus when Topan confronts him. He informs Topan he killed Petrus because he rejected Antonio. Antonio wasn’t what Petrus desired, so he left. Antonio killed Petrus in retaliation. He decides to get stronger and defeat the Big 4.

The Big 4 Ending Explained: What Happened With Dina in the End?

Petrus adopted Antonio first. Petrus devotedly trained him. Petrus realized his error after Antonio’s ambition and ruthlessness. Antonio could kill anyone without justification. He was indifferent and cruel. Petrus taught Antonio knife skills. Thus, Antonio uses knives. Petrus avoided Antonio because of his unpredictability.

Antonio admits he was manipulated. His supervisor ordered Petrus’ execution. Hassan ordered Petrus’s murder. Dina’s supervisor, Police Captain Hassan, is Petrus’s best buddy. Dina calls him uncle during her ceremony. Thus, Petrus and Hassan were formerly close.

Hassan, a cop, must have detested Petrus training kids to fight and kill. The Big 4 seeks justice and protects the innocent. Hassan killed Petrus because it violated his obligations. Hassan betrays Petrus. Hassan may have done this for money, considering modern selfishness and corruption.

Petrus likely made many enemies as a vigilante. Anyone may have called Hassan to finish the job. Hassan’s betrayal is painful. True friends outweigh money and values.

Hassan did not kill Petrus alone. He is with a spider-eyed woman. Another sword-wielding assassin. The dangerous woman thinks Topan owes her. As Antonio notes, Petrus has other students outside the Big 4, so this lady may be one.

What Happened with Dina?

After Antonio and his men are defeated, Dina contacts the local police to report the multiple offenses. She resumes her position as a law enforcement officer and performs her responsibilities.

Dina respects the oath she swore and keeps her word. On the other hand, the Big Four appear to be returning to their former ways. For trained assassins, hiding from the police and performing their goal stealthily are not tough tasks.

The Big 4 Ending Explained: What Happened With Dina in the End?

Dina develops a fondness for the estranged adoptive children of her father. She comprehends why the Big Four are trained to do what they do. Despite this, she cannot abandon her profession.

When the police come to the island, the Big Four flee to avoid being apprehended. As a ploy to handcuff Dina to the window, Topan kisses Dina. They then have sufficient time to reach their vehicle and disappear without a trace.

Although the Big Four-leave Dina at the Villa, they promise to meet again and reconnect when some time has passed. After their attempt to revenge for the loss of their father, the gang develops feelings for Dina. The Big 4 and Dina are distinguished by their acts and professions but bonded by their affection for their father.