The Best World Premieres of Films 2022

Today, many people prefer to watch movies online because it’s convenient. You don’t have to go to the cinema specifically to watch the premiere. You can always find novelties and choose the most suitable movie based on the subject and genre. If your goal is to watch new movies, then you can go to the resource and download an exciting movie for yourself such as tpb proxy. In general, 2022 was quite rich in various premieres. You can find exciting films that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The best new films of 2022

The search for movies is associated with different parameters. Some prefer funny novelties, some fiction, action movies, and detectives. The year 2022 offers a lot of opportunities for everyone to choose the most relevant film for themselves. If we consider the most popular films, then we should consider not only Hollywood novelties, you can find interesting:

  • French;
  • Norwegian;
  • Turkish;
  • Irish films.

One of the most popular is the film Murder Party. In this film, a company of people gathers to find the killer, needs to go through a crazy quest. It is a very stylish detective with comedic notes. Many believe that it is very similar to the movie Get Knives. It is a French comedy where there is one killer among the players. The action takes place in the luxurious mansion of the Jagger family. At the party, the murder of the head of the family takes place, the guests have to play all the games to find the villain.

If you are interested in romantic movies, then you will be pleased with the movie Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. This film is about how sixty-year-old Nancy lost her husband, and after burning, she decided that she didn’t have time to try something in her life. She decides to experience the absolute pleasure of sex that she has dreamed of all her life. Nancy invites a guy on a call. The film is interesting because here all the leading roles were played by famous actors such as Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack.

Another popular film was shot in France, it’s called Love and scammers. En attendant Bojangles and tells about how the couple decided to plunge into the world of illusion. This drama, based on a world bestseller, describes how the couple decided to try a new round of their relationship. A chance acquaintance quickly turned into a stormy romance. They also had a happy marriage, but somewhat atypical. It caused admiration and envy. However, their games are shocking to others and seem crazy to many. The characters themselves do not understand where reality ends and fantasy begins.

However, if your goal is to watch romantic movies, and learn something new, then be sure to watch the film The Tinder Swindler. This film was made by Netflix and is based on actual events. He talks about how the fraudster posed as a rich man in a particular application on the Internet. He met girls and bred them for money. His victims later decided to unite and devise their own revenge plan. The film is interesting because many have read this story but wanted to look at it with different eyes. You will learn all the details about the swindler who has become famous worldwide.

If you are a fan of Turkish films, then do not forget to watch the new 2022. Here is Ask Taktikleri, which tells the story of an advertising agent and a fashion designer. The peculiarity of young people is that they do not believe in love, but at the same time, they make a bet according to which they will fall in love with each other. The non-trivial plot captures from the first minute. If you are initially a fan of Turkish films, then you will get absolute pleasure.