The Best P250 Under $2 — P250 | Contamination

When it comes to secondary weapons, most players would opt for a USP, Glock, or Desert Eagle. However, some might go for the P250 due to its accuracy and potential for headshots. If you’re going to be sporting the P250, you might want to do it with a nice skin. We recommend that you try out P250 | Contamination, which can be bought for under $2.

P250 | Contamination

If you like a bit of graffiti on your gun, then the P250 Contamination has that covered for you. The gun can be purchased for roughly $2 in Factory New exterior. It has skulls, bones, and symbols of radiation painted over its entire body. The color scheme of the gun is gray, beige, and brown.

Price: $1.96 (Factory New), $1.18 (Minimal Wear), $0.97 (Field-Tested), $1.06 (Well-Worn), $0.70 (Battle-Scarred).

P250 | Contamination has a Float Value ranging between 0.00 and 0.83, which means the gun is available in all conditions. You will, however, notice slight wear even as Factory New. As the Float Value increases and the wear of the gun reaches its maximum point, almost half of the paint layer is torn off of the skin. The pattern index for this gun will change the arrangement of symbols on the gun.

Where to Get P250 | Contamination

From Third-Party Trading Websites

P250 | Contamination can be bought from third-party CS:GO trading websites. You will have to go to their website and register an account. From here, you can browse through various listings of P250 | Contamination and get the model that you need.

An advantage of buying through third-party websites is that you’ll be able to get CS:GO skins at a fairly discounted rate. Other than that, the process is seamless, and you’ll have the skin in your inventory as soon as you complete the transaction using one of the available payment methods.

Through the Steam Marketplace

Alternatively, you could choose to buy the skin directly from Steam. It’s faster, and all you need is the money in your Steam wallet. Head to the marketplace, find a listing for the skin, and complete the purchase to add it to your inventory.

Trading With Players

Feel free to talk to players within the CS:GO community through either Discord or in-game servers to see if they have the skin. You can trade a skin of the same value and get it that way.


Now that you know everything there is to know about P250 | Contamination, why don’t you give it a spin? It’s not that expensive and may end up being your go-to whenever you decide to go for an eco round.