The Best Games to Try Out at Virgin Games


Originally, in the early 80s, Virgin Games was a video game studio. In the late 80s, Virgin Games became a big market player when it bought out Mastertronic later on.

Through its early existence, the company developed published, and ported video games for numerous systems including PC, GameBoy, and C64.


In 1994 Virgin Games sector was renamed Virgin Interactive and was acquired by Titus. However, the Virgin Games branch wasn't used and was renamed again to Avalon Entertainment. Eventually, Avalon and Titus went under.

The Virgin Group chose to resurrect Virgin Games in 2003, but instead of its original use as an umbrella for video gaming development and publishing, it was set up to host casino games.

Today, Virgin Games, which was acquired by Gamesys in 2013, offers a variety of thrilling casino classics for all to enjoy. Two of the benefits of playing with Virgin Games are there is no cap on winnings and no fees on withdrawals.


Moreover, as it stands, Virgin is offering a welcome bonus of numerous free spins to newcomers who deposit at least £10 to their Virgin Games account. But before signing up, here is a rundown of the best games to try!

Secrets of Phoenix

This game has a broad appeal due to its exciting bonus round and reels of Aztec ruins, and ancient imagery. The goal of the game is for players to have the stone statue symbols fall in synchrony with one of the 25 pay lines.

To launch the bonus round where players enjoy free spins, users must match the symbols and land four or more cascade wins in a row. The return to player percentage for secrets of the Phoenix is a generous 94.97%

Deal or No Deal

Based on the popular British TV show, the Deal or No Deal slot game is an adaptation featuring the enticing red boxes (that could be full of big cash prizes) and the banker ringing to offer you a deal.

If the banker's ringing stops the reels from spinning, then you are guaranteed to win something.

You will be offered a cash prize in place of the potential amount you could win on the slot reels. You can choose to take the deal or wait to see if the reels return a bigger cash amount. The bonus round is activated by landing at least three mystery box icons on the screen.

Once activated, there are 15 boxes, 11 of which are guaranteed to have cash inside. Choose your boxes to get your rewards. But, be careful, if you open an empty box, the bonus round ends!

This exciting game offers an RTP of 90.2%.

Lightning Dice

In this dice-based game, an unlimited number of players guess the sum of three dice that will shortly be released. When the players have finished their bets a random multiplier is revealed. And then the three dice are released and tumble through the lightning tower. Players can see a closeup of the action of the dice falling, and revel in the anticipation of the potential outcome. When the dice lands, the total is calculated and visible to players on the screen.

Players need to predict the correct sum of the three dice to win. If their number is one of the lightning numbers activated via the randomly generated multiplier, it shall be multiplied accordingly. In Lightning Dice, players can expect a generous RTP of 96.2%

Raging Rhino

For many traveling to the digital slot gaming verse of Africa to play with the Raging Rhino is a must. Mostly because there are thousands, 4096 to be exact, ways to win this slot game.

Moreover, there are various symbols with distinct advantages to give players on Safari a boost, such as scatters and wilds. Wilds, of course, act as a sub for other icons, to help complete pay lines and boost the players' chances of securing a win. Scatters, on the other hand, offers players the chance to gain numerous free spins. With all the generous features Raging Rhino has to offer players, its RTP is also 95.1%.

Multi-hand Blackjack

For a fast-paced casino favourite, try multi-hand blackjack and play up to five hands at a time. The aim is to beat the dealer by gaining cards that total to 21 and no more. If a player's hand goes over 21, players instantly lose.

The ideal combination would be to get an ace and a 10. But you can keep requesting cards from the dealer if the cards you receive aren't close to 21. One more fantastic element of this fast and thrilling game is that the expected return to the player is 99.4%.


This is a fantastic slot game based on the ancient queen of Egypt, with the associated imagery and sounds to match. The aim of this slot game, as with all slots, is to land a winning pay line or more and win a cash prize.

In this game, to power up your options of winning big, should the Cleopatra bestow you with her presence multiple times on the screen in a row, any bets placed will benefit from a generous multiplier. The highest multiplier is 10,000, which will activate if Cleo appears five times in one sitting.

And to finish, players can expect a 95.02% RTP from this slot game. Playing games, particularly when depositing cash, with familiar and reputable brands such as Virgin Games is essential to ensure a safe and fair gaming experience. Equally using the incentives offered, such as free spins to play with Virgin Games is important to maximize a player's gaming experience.