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Part I: Does Data Recovery Actually Work?

Part II: Recovering Deleted Data Using Wondershare Recoverit – The Best Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Tool

Part III: Data Recovery Tips for Success

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Before the advent of computers, data was stored in physical files and folders. Documents, files, and folders were at risk then, too. Fires, theft, termite infestation, and other kinds of physical damage always posed a risk to data loss. Now, with the advent of computers, data is still at loss, only differently. Disk corruption, software corruption, system crashes, the list goes on. Computer viruses have replaced termites in the digital realm. It is not a question of if; data loss is a question of when. So, have you suffered data loss and are looking for a disk recovery software to help get deleted data back?

Part I: Does Data Recovery Actually Work?

Let’s face it; data recovery software come a dime a dozen in the market today. That is both good news and bad news for consumers. On one hand, people have the luxury of choice, of choosing a software based on their needs and wallet. On the other hand, there are so many products in the market that selecting a competent one becomes a Herculean task. You’d be forgiven were you to question the effectiveness of data recovery software. We are here to help you see how a good data recovery software can make all the difference.

What Makes for A Good Data Recovery Software

Sure, any coder with sufficient chops could cook up a software that recovers data. The devil, however, lies in the details.

– a good data recovery software must, first, have a high recovery rate.

– secondly, a good data recovery software must be able to recover data regardless of how it was lost.

– a good data recovery software must be easy to understand and use.

– a good data recovery software should be available on multiple operating systems.

– a good data recovery software must consume very little system resources.

If your data recovery software of choice was ill-equipped to recover data from your specific data loss scenario, you would think that data recovery software industry is a sham. Might we help change that perception for you today? Let’s talk about a data recovery software that is not only reviewed favorably by both experts and users but also consistently showered with high praise for its effectiveness at recovering deleted data from hard disks and other sources.

Part II: Recovering Deleted Data Using Wondershare Recoverit – The Best Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Tool

You may or may not have yet heard of Wondershare Recoverit. It is a data recovery software in an ocean full of them. Let’s tell you how it is different and special.

The team behind Wondershare Recoverit has 25 patents for pioneering data recovery technologies and over 17 years of research has gone into making the product what it is today. This data recovery software works under all data loss scenarios and recovers data from all sources, internal or external, including the Recycle Bin!

– Recoverit has native apps for Windows and maOS users.

– Recoverit recovers deleted data from any source, be it internal disk drive, external disk drive, media cards, or any other source.

– Recoverit is designed to detect and adapt to work with all data loss scenarios.

– Recoverit uses system resources judiciously without slowing down the system.

– Recoverit is hailed for its industry-leading recovery success rates.

– Recoverit features an easy-to-understand, modern UI that makes data recovery a breeze.

II.I: Steps to Perform Deleted Disk Recovery with Wondershare Recoverit

There are only three steps users need to take in Recoverit to recover deleted data from their hard disks.

Step 1: After launching Recoverit, start by selecting the disk drive from where you want to recover data. An all-round, automatic scan will start.

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You will see the software pane getting populated with results.

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At any point during the scan, users can pause/ resume and cancel it altogether with the buttons provided, as well as see the status of completion.

Thoughtful filters are provided so that users can quickly find the data they are looking to recover. Simply click File Type and from the dropdown list, select a file type.

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Recoverit is designed to be feature-rich through and through. Users get a file previewer with capabilities to preview nearly all file types prior to recovery. The previewer serves as an audio and video player as well!

Step 2: Select the data to recover from the results and click Recover.

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Step 3: Select the save location and click Recover.

Part III: Data Recovery Tips for Success

While a data recovery software does do most of the heavy lifting, there are ways you can lay the foundation for a successful deleted disk data recovery.

Tip 1: Do Not Use Your Computer During Recovery

The first thing people do when facing a data loss is that they panic. In panic, they often take steps that are detrimental to a successful data recovery. The first of these is using their computer after data loss, and even as much as working on other apps while a data recovery software runs in the background. This will not be helpful to data recovery and will, most likely, hurt the chances of a successful data recovery because data from other apps could potentially be written on the disk sectors that contain the data that you wanted to recover.

Tip 2: Do Not Eject an External Drive

If the data to be recovered is from an external disk, do not eject it until the data recovery software has run through it. Removing and reconnecting the drive could cause make data recovery difficult.

Tip 3: Take Periodic Backups of Entire Disk

The contents that are most important to you and you cannot afford to lose ought to be regularly backed up at a frequency defined by the frequency of their updating/ modification. This means that if there are files that you work on every day, and you cannot afford to lose them, back them up every day. If there are files you update less often, back them up accordingly.

Closing Words

Deleted data disk recovery may sound like a wasted endeavor especially if you have been burnt with poor quality data recovery software before, but this article is written to enlighten you on the aspects of choosing a good data recovery software for deleted disk data recovery so that you have the highest possible chances of successfully recovering deleted data.

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