The Best Apps For Your Mobile

You can’t have a smartphone these days without having apps. And, as with everything else in life, people want to know what the best apps are and why they should download and install them. Of course, different apps will suit different people, but there is a general list to go with that most will find helpful.

The first place to start is by checking out the App Store, for example, if you’re using an Apple-based device. The App Store, and Android’s Google Play Store, are where you’ll find all the apps you could ever want or need. Games also feature, thanks to services such as Apple Arcade, which includes everything from RPGs and battle royale titles, to mobile casino applications.


We’re going to deliver this list in a way that will shed light on the best apps being those that are most useful and not just in one country. For example, if you want to catch a ride, the ultimate app to install is Uber. It works in over seventy countries around the globe. And, you could even become a driver yourself.


Now, you may need a ride and a place to stay. Again, if that’s the case, we will recommend an app that works in multiple countries. Airbnb has been a revelation since its arrival on the scene. And you can book a place of any shape, size or occupancy in seconds. Many prefer it to using apps to book hotels and motels.


When you’re in said place, you’re going to need something to watch. And while YouTube is great, it will usually come preinstalled. What we like about Netflix is that there is different content available to watch depending on where you are. So, you could say it’s ideal for those travelling.


Amazon must be one of the most used apps worldwide. Whether you’re shopping for items or groceries, this is the app of choice. And, alongside services such as Amazon Prime and Dash, you also get Prime Video etc. So the Amazon app is very much the one-stop-shop that everyone needs to install.


You can’t really mention Netflix and Amazon and their streaming services without giving a nod to Spotify, the world’s top on-demand music streaming platform. Music is something that most people listen to every day, and having your tunes available wherever you go, along with podcasts, is a blessing in disguise.


You can’t deny that most people will want or need several social media apps on their smartphones, and we will finish our list with a couple. The first is TikTok, which is all the rage these days. For short videos and trends, there is no app better suited. And, many people are gaining popularity for their efforts on the platform.


And, we finish with Instagram, which has been a mainstay for the last few years, ever since people started to communicate more through images and video. Insta is the ideal place to keep friends and family updated on what you’ve been up to while also allowing you to know the goings on in the world of your favourite influencers and celebrities.