The Asterisk War Season 3 Coming Early

My friend, who is a great fan of anime and like every anime lover he too wants to travel japan. Every time I visited his house and told me about everything related to japan from the wakakusa yamayaki to their latest anime that time I got reincarnated as a slime. And I was amazed with his knowledge. I thought why didn’t he study that much during exams? Never mind, he recommends me an anime named, The Asterisk War. As soon as I came to home, I started digging about it.

I find some of the amazing things through the internet. If you’re interested in knowing about this anime then let’s take a look together.

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What is The Asterisk War?

the asterisk war main charachter

Through searching about this in the internet I came across with its original Japanese name i.e., Gakusen Toshi Asutarisuku which looks quite attractive. I came across that this anime is an adaption of a manga series and I think mainly every anime is based on a manga; don’t you think? The novel name is also The Asterisk War and the writer of this light novel is Yu Miyazaki. The novel was first came out in 25th of September, 2012. As soon as it releases, the manga book became a lot of popular in japan and outside. That’s why shortly after one year, the show The Asterisk War came into light.

On 3 October, 2015, the anime series launched its first episode for the people. The show came like a band and instantly became hit. With so much popularity, how can we think that there will not be season 2? The show releases its second season on 2 April, 2016. Now, it has been almost five years since we last heard nothing from this anime series. Will there be season 3? If you are eager to know then don’t skip the next section.

Is The Asterisk War Season 3 is coming for people?

The first and second season was released back in 2012-2016 and here we are, waiting for the second season, but it is really coming? It has been a lot of time and we didn’t heard a single word from the show makers. We don’t know whether they are planning to renew this season or not.

But, But, But

Since its manga version is still running the writer is still publishing it we see a hope. There is no chance for the show to not renew its third season for the people. As the show is already popular so we can hope it. Maybe, the developers are wanting to have enough storyline so that they can release it with a lot of episodes.

If there will be any news regarding the show, we will update you through our official website, Keeperfacts.

Where can I watch the official trailer of The Asterisk War Season 3?

Through reading all the information about the show, I find a dire need to watch its official trailer. Sadly, there is no official trailer of season 3 release yet. But I have some other thing which will make you happy.

If you are a new like me, then I have the something for you. Watch this video to have more knowledge about the show.

Is the English Dub of Asterisk War available?

If you don’t know Japanese and feel more comfortable in watching these show in English dub then you re at right place. Wondering where to watch its English version? Head towards Crunchyroll.

Moreover, if you are like me who love to watch the show in its original language then you can have the English subtitle too. Go to the settings and choose your desirable language.

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What can we expect with the plotline of The Asterisk war season 3?

If you have already watched the first and second season of this anime then you will probably know that how the show started. If you didn’t then I’ll let you know. The story of the asterisk war is set in the time when the condition of earth is not so good. There was a thing happened named Invertia, which destroys the life in the earth. You can count yourself on that too, haha just kidding.

After the destruction, there was a time gap. After some time, you’ll see the rise of humans, like what happened when the dinosaur died. But unlike our story, the humans of this anime have some supernatural powers. Don’t call them human, in the place use the word Genestella.

Coming back to the story, you’ll follow the small boy named Ayota Amagiri. He wanted to entered in the best academy and in order to achieve it he has to play a tournament. Now, this might give you Hogwarts vibe.

Like Hogwarts, this school too have tournaments going around which are referred as Festas. These tournaments check the ability of a kid and then send them to their respective academy. Ayato gets Seidoukan Academy, which is ranked 5th in the city of Asterisk. The story gets more interesting as he stories move forward.


Meanwhile, he encounters a girl while she was changing her clothes and wants to have a face off. Now, I don’t wanna spoil your story. But one thing is clear that the story is amazing and it will keep you busy throughout the show.

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What does the people on Social Media think about this show?

It is never an end without watching what people think about this show. If you’re also interested to know then we have attached some of the feedback of the people. Read and enjoy them.

Kendir Yardies

This is an amazing show. A-1 pictures have made a great deal for making this show. Just finished reading the book because there are no more episodes left to watch for me. I heard a rumor that its third part is coming. Hope this is for real. I have waiting for this to happen for like years.


Make more of this man. I love this series I watched it on Netflix and I watched all of it in one night like don’t call me crazy. But trust me it is really that good. Sadly, they are making no more seasons and it make my heart ache. Somebody HELP ME. Do anyone know any other anime similar to this? If yes then please let me know.

Jigga shade

I have watched the trailer of this anime in YouTube and that to by accident. The trailer seems to have fun. I have always loved the anime with the high School theme. Will definitely going to make a hit show. But will there be season 3?

If you have any queries regarding this anime, feel free to ask in comment section.