The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2 Release Date: What We Can Expect From Yamazaki?


We have something good for my Magus fans, wondering what? It's a surprise reader but you are going to love this. Today we are going to cover a number of things regarding the upcoming Ancient Magus Bride Season 2, Opps did I reveal the surprise 😉 Well, you heard it right the Magus Bride is coming with its new season!!!

Starting with dialogue-


“What Happens In Your Past Doesn't Change The Fact That You Are Now.”


Production Dates of Season 2

Ancient Magus Bride Season 2

The Ancient Magus is a Japanse Anime that is inspired and adapted from the Manga series. This is an emotional story of a high school student named Chise Hatori. Hatori is an orphan because her mother commits suicide because of her. The previous part has given 8.1/10 from which is the reason fans are looking for season 2.

This romantic anime has been given confirmation by the creators and the anime entered production which means we will get the anime any time in 2021 or surely in 2022. At first many think that the series is canceled but thanks to Kore Yamazaki for his lovely gesture that he has given a green light for the anime.

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When we get some more regarding the dates, then we will refurbish the same post, just for keeping our readers up to date with the new stuff. For the moment you can also check our Anime category in which you’ll see the number of upcoming and Latest animes.

The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2 Plotline

Ancient Magus Bride Season 2

The first season ran for twenty-four episodes with a marvelous plotline and concept. The story focuses on a young girl name Hatori. The little girl always feels trouble because she was born with some special powers.

Her birth is a boon for her mother. From the day she was borns her mother always feel insecure about her existence and ended up killing herself. After her mother dies she becomes an orphan and as we know the life of an orphan is not easy, they have to face a lot of trouble. The same happens with Hatori, every one around calls her bad and evil because of their powers.

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This is about season one's plotline but what about the sequel? For the second season story, we hope to see better things happening in the life of our cute-little Hatori. It is assumed that the story is also adapted from the same light novel volumes.

Who Will Reprise Again In The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2

As we know the old characters remain constant in any anime whether it is a sequel or tenth season. So guys! you don't need to worry that your favorite characters will get replaced. We could expect some new characters and additional voice artists which is normal, I think because these little twists make anime more fun💛.

What about recalling the old characters too?

  • Oberon
  • Joseph
  • Chise Hatori
  • Elias Ainsworth
  • Ruth
  • Angelica Varley
  • Silver
  • Lindenbaum

Any Trailer For The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2

We do have the number of teasers but they are not official ones. As you know many teasers air before the actual one, just for click-baiting and for increasing watch time. We have mentioned this fan-made video for the moment.

When we get the official trailer, we will update the same in this post but to get the latest updates you need to bookmark us.

Last Lines

The Ancient Magus enter production in January 2021. the creators decided to make the series for the fans because the previous series is loved by the fans so much and even get an amazing rating of 8.1 from My anime list and 7.8 from IMDb.

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We have tried to answer every question that heaving your mind about the second installment but still if you have more to ask us then go ahead and ask us anything that you are willing to get an answer to.

More Queries

Where we can watch the Ancient Magus Bride 2?

The first season was available to watch on Crunchyroll. You can watch the complete 24 episodes there but for the second part, you have to wait a little more once the series airs it will be available to stream online on Crunchyroll too.

How many episodes Ancient Magus Bride 1 have?

The season first has completed with a total of twenty-four episodes which is not a small amount. The fans want this too for the second installment.