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What comes to mind when you first heard this series name The Alienist? Did you think that the series was about aliens and their studies?

The answer is no, but actually it is a series set in the 19th century and revolves around Laszlo Kreizler played by Daniel Bruhl and he is the psychiatrist who examines the mental illnesses of children.

In New York city when the murders started he along with his team started finding who is behind this brutal activity and solved crime cases with the help of John Schuyler who is illustrator and with Sara Howard ( NYPD chief’s secretary.

The Alienist Series About

Every killer has a story and the same in the Alienist Series. It is an excellent story of three heroes who are solving cases again and again and their investigation is never ending.

As when we think one case ends then the other case comes and this TNT’s Show is so good that it can run for many coming years.

In The Alienist Series there is a man named Laszlo who is involved in solving dreadful murders cases with the help of his team in which Luke Evans’ is an illustrator, and along with Sara Howard.

Fans of this series are waiting for the next season as it is a thriller series in which the trio are busy solving death cases and each episode looks interesting with new turns and twists.

When the series was taken by Netflix and released internationally it again gained the attention of many at that time and the show is given so much love by many audiences but few are surprised with the unexpected ending of the season 2.

In the final episode all get separated after solving the missing baby case of the Spanish Consular and then you have seen that Kreizler leaves with Karen Stratton for Vienna, John and Violet are expecting a baby and a detective agency is being started by Sara.

For the third season to reunite the team another horrible case would be there so all can come back and the new season will pick the story from the previous season and connect in a right way.

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The Alienist Season 3: Release Date

The Alienist Season 3

It’s been more than 1 year since the second season ended on TNT on August 9, 2020. From that time there is no announcement or news regarding the third season renewal or cancellations.

It is common for every series that if the show is popular then the creators will take a new season and continue the story for further and if the story ends then they can make a new story as the series is going popular among fans and audience.

So, networks also have to keep their eye on the new season of any series whether to make or not depending upon its viewership and its show budget.

At this time there is no official announcement for the Alienist season 3 because they may be waiting for the normalisation of the film and tv industry which was affected by Covid-19 last year and this year also. So this may be the reason for not coming to the series in 2021 or they decided to renew in 2022.

But there is hope that it will come soon and its window date will come before the Christmas of 2022.

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The Alienist Season 3: Expected Cast

The Alienist Season 3

No, cast is finalised officially at this moment as official status of the Alienist Season 3 is not confirmed.

But we cast expect that main cast from the two previous seasons will reprise their roles in the next installment of this investigation series and these are-

  • Laszlo Kreisler is the fictional character played by Daniel Bruhl.
  • John Moore is also the fictional character played by Luke Evans.
  • Sara Howard (fictional character) is played by Dakota Fanning.
  • Douglas Smith as Douglas Smith.
  • Matthew Shear as Matthew Shear.

We can also see some new faces in the new season but currently it is not known to us who are coming back for season 3 and we will update this section when any official news regarding the series and the cast members comes.

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What is the Plot for the Alienist Season 3?

Currently, we can’t tell what is the actual plot for the new season as the series is not renewed or cancelled and yet to be announced in future what is its official status.

The Alienist Season 3

So it is only expected that the story will continue and link from the ending of the second season where Sara Establishes her own detective agency and John is living with his finance Violet and they both are expecting their baby. Let’s see what is to be planned by the creators of this show when the series officially comes out.

The Alienist Season 3 Trailer

Yet, no official teaser or trailer is released for the Alienist 3 and you have to wait longer to see its trailer and it will come a few days before the window date of the series.

So, here I have given the Season 2 official trailer for you to watch this crime series.

The Alienist Season 2 Review

On IMDB, this crime drama got 7.7 ratings out of 10 and its popularity is also growing day by day.

Where to Watch The Alienist Both Seasons?

You can stream this crime drama on-

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Vudu
  • YouTube TV
  • Free on TNT
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV
  • Google Play Movies & TV

Last Lines

This American crime drama which has 18 episodes till now is not renewed or cancelled for the third season.

So, till then you can stream its previous seasons if you haven’t watched this series and if already watched then read other crime and thriller series and movies on to know about other crime dramas or other web series or movies in which you are interested.

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