The 100 Season 8: Is The Show Cancelled? Why? Latest Updates!!!

The 100 is a television series that is released on March 19, 2014, for the first time. This science-fiction drama is a hit and people loved it so much. The recent season of this show has only 16 episodes which arrived on Netflix. This last season was a huge hit and ranked the fourth number on the top streaming series chart.

Just because the seventh season was a big success and it also leaves a mark on the heart of the audience. They want season eight of The 100. But there’s bad news for the fans of the 100 that the eighth installment is not coming back. It means that season 7 was the ending of the 100… But why? Why creators dropped “The 100 Season 8”?

The 100 Season 8 Why the show is Cancelled?

Here we have a reason behind the cancellation of this show. The 100 was eliminated back in August 2019. Because the officials already announced that they will end the show after its hundredth episode”. The last episode airs on September 30, 2020.

The creator Jason Rothenberg with Deadline and writers of this show are planning to end this tv series with season 7.

We have a tweet from the creator of The 100 Jason Rothenberg said:

Both tweets from the creators confirmed that there will be no season 8 of this series not even in the future. These tweets disappointed the fans so much. Because for the followers the show was not over. Are you happy with the cancellation of 100 season 8 or you want the show back? Tell Us!!

The 100 season 8

We also have good news for the fans of this series. That the prequel of this show is expected to be air by the creators.

As Rothenberg said to Deadline: “What I can say is in terms of whether or not it’s going to happen is that there are discussions that are still happening at the highest level. You know, I think probably I’d be talking out of turn if I mentioned where those conversations were happening, unfortunately, but there is a chance, a good chance, I guess, that it could come back.”

The prequel series of The 100 is coming

In the same interview that he gave to the deadline, it is expected from the Second dawn that there will be a prequel.

 He said, “one of the things I want to do is get it back up to space because concurrent with the timeline of the prequel, what’s happening in space is all the space stations, that were separate at the time of the nuclear holocaust, are coming together to form the ark. So, up there is where we would meet the great, great, great grandmother and grandfather of all of our heroes, Clarke’s great grandparents, great-great-grandparents, Bellamy’s, Octavia’s, obviously, and so we could tell a story that way.”

And your favorite characters from The 100 are also going to see in the prequel.

In another interview with TVLine  Rottenberg hinted that the show could come to “The CW, HBO Max or Netflix,” but it would rely on fans making it known they want to see this show. He said, “If you want it to happen, root loudly! We haven’t been picked up yet, and the hour is getting late. It may not happen. Ultimately, it’s going to be about word of mouth. Is the audience getting loud enough and tweeting at the right people the right way?”

Last Words

We have given the information that season 8 of this series is not coming and it will not come in the future too. Instead, the creators will come back with the prequel series of The 100. I hope you like our article and got the information that you are finding for season 8. For other information like this, you can also check our website

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