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Texas Flip N Move: What About The Show Is? Where We Can Stream?

There are three teams of estate entrepreneurs who are living in Texas. The show belongs to the professional home renovators who purchase the old house and turned them into something that you can’t ever expect.

The Texas Flip N Move is not like the other reality show in which people only sell and buy the houses but in the show, they change the initial auction, structure, and base of the home.

The first episode airs on 11 November 2014. The major name of the network behind the show is NetworksDIY Network and HGTV. The genre of the show is Reality television and Home improvement.

I personally liked the show because the transformations are amazing and quite impressive with really interesting personalities. The best part the audience liked in the show is “incredible sense of style

Cast And Characters of Texas Flip N Move

We see so many innovative minds in the Texas Flip that converts a poorly designed and damaged house into true gems.

We have mentioned the names of the characters below-

  • Donna Snow Landers and Toni Snow Barksdale
  • Randy Martin and Bleu Pride
  • Myers Jackson
  • Casey Hester and Catrina Kidd
  • “Gary’s Girls”
  • Paige and Raf
  • Gary and Jerry
  • Cody Biffle
  • Cody and Suzi Slay
  • H.D. “Daddy” Snow

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Where We Can Watch Texas Flip N Move?

Texas Flip is in herats of the fans which is the reason the show is available on some Global Entertainment channels like Amazon Prime Videos,, YouTube, and Sling Tv.

Texas Flip N Move- Ratings!

According to the IMDb rating the show has given 6.3 stars out of 10 which is fairly not bad. We have mentioned some user reviews that will give you more idea regarding the “Texas Flip N Move.”

“Sure, most of the show is milquetoast when compared to other reality shows; there is no pregnant teenager, no modelesque bachelor looking for one night stand, no rich housewife living life on the edge. It’s good clean TV that is a nice break from the other nonsense.”

“Sure, the bulk of it is scripted. But I have little doubt the cast is quite capable of flipping a house. Maybe not as clean and easy as it looks. But their talent is genuine.”

“I agree with Bennett’s review below. Almost exactly what I’d say. They are making these houses HUGE. I can’t imagine a master bedroom as big as they’re making them. All that space is just more to clean. And, no way do I want 10′ ceilings in my house.”

“That said, I’m watching some episodes from the first season, and thank goodness they got rid of the ‘The Young Guns.’ They just didn’t fit with everyone else. The folks they have on there now are much more pleasant to watch.”

Have you seen the show? Wanna share your reviews with us? Tell us in the comment section 🙂

Texas flip n move

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