Teresa Giudice, Who is She? What Was the Cause of Her Divorce?

Teresa Giudice is a reality show star, author, and businesswoman. The show The Real Housewives of New Jersey is what she is best known for. She has also written many best-selling cookbooks and appeared on Donald Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice 5. (2012).

In 2015, she did 11 of her 15-month sentence for fraud. The former couple has four daughters: Gia, 19, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10.

The Divorce Statement

Teresa Giudice said on an episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” that her now ex-husband Joe Giudice got nothing in the divorce settlement.

Teresa said, “When we got divorced, I got the house and Joe got nothing because I paid off all his debt.”

Teresa Giudice Joe Giudice

She also said, “I’ve been taking care of our daughters all by myself for the past five years.”

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Joe said what he thought: Since Teresa was born, I’ve known her… He told E! News, “I can’t be mad at her.” “She is the mother of my four daughters, and right now she is taking care of them since I can’t. What am I going to do, move my kids to a place where they don’t even speak the language? That would be a terrible idea.”

He also said, “It’s a shame what those kids had to go through… We’re doing our best at the end of the day.”

Why Did Joe and Teresa Break Up?

During the season 10 finale of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Teresa said that she and Joe are going to end their marriage while on a trip to Italy. After years of legal drama, the couple decided to split up.

After years of smaller legal and money problems, both were charged with fraud by the federal government on July 29, 2013. They were sent to jail in October 2014. Teresa did 11 months of a 15-month sentence, but Joe did all 41. They were let out so that their four kids would never have to be without a parent, but this hurt their relationship in a big way. Since early 2016, Joe and Teresa haven’t lived together, and their long-distance relationship led to a divorce.

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The decision to split up was not made quickly. In an interview, Teresa said with tears in her eyes, “I’m looking forward to him coming home and us being together.”

Things didn’t go their way in 2018 when they found out that Joe would be sent back to Italy after serving his prison time. Joe tried to get out of being deported three times, but each time it was turned down.

There were rumors that they were cheating. Teresa and her girls went to Italy to visit Joe Giudice. At that point, they decided to go their separate ways.