Tell me your secrets season 2: Release date | Renewal | About | Trailer | Plot | More Updates!

Will the great thriller drama series tell me your secrets renewed for season 2? As fans enjoyed the twist and turns in season 1 and they are waiting curiously for season 2?

So what do you think when the new season of this drama will renew after releasing its original Tell me your secrets in 2021. Will amazon ever release and complete the story which needed the right ending?

Will Emma find her daughter in season 2 and recall her memory and know she has dated Kit, a serial killer in the previous season?

In 2021, there are plenty of shows with highly anticipated titles to entertain you which stream different things and give viewers beyond their enjoyment.

Like Hulu and Netflix now, Amazon Prime also came up with entertaining web series and dramas to arouse curiosity among you.

Let’s move forward to know about Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 as its first season took the attention among viewers and it is one of the shows in 2021 to be in demand.

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This drama series came back on February 19, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video with its 10 episodes for the viewers and was created by Harriet Warner. Let’s start with the story of tell me your secret for the viewers who haven’t watched the series before it.

Tell Me Your Secret Season: About

Tell me your secrets season 2

The story revolves arounds Karen Miller (Rabe), who is troubled woman and tries to recall her memories to know what had happened in past and it is a thriller murder mystery.

In season 1, you see Karen Miller live a new life in the name of Emma Hall as she enters the Witness Protection Program. She even forgets whether she took part in any crime when she dated Kit Park (Xavier Samuel) who is a serial killer.

Then a married man having a good intentions came into her life and supports her and he is Peter Guillory (Enrique Murciano) but she soon started investigating her dark past of her and what she happened in Louisiana town

when it was revealed to her that Peter was once fired from a foster home which is also called the Jerome House.

At the same time Theresa, Mary Barlow’s daughter is lost and Mary is finding her and hires a convicted rapist John Tyler (Hamish Linklater) to do the work. In season 1, Rose Lord is a well played supporting character by Chiara Aurelia.

Season 1 of the tell me your secrets left the finale with loose ends to make new seasons as much is left to happen in the last episode of ‘The Dead Come Back’ which means more is needed to explore.

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We can guess that Emma’s memory will come back in season 2 and she is looking for her daughter Freya who is also missing or kidnapped.

Will There Be ‘Tell Me Your Secret Season 2’?

tell me your secrets season 2

The new season 2 of Tell Me Your Secrets hasn’t been confirmed by Amazon till now and no announcement is made for its season 2 release date in 2021.

So with hope and following the pattern we can expect that Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 will happen in 2022. The last episode of season 1 left the viewers with an unresolved story so fans are hoping that they will see new season 2 soon or next year.

If the series will renew in this year, then we will expect that we are able to see new season next year definitely.

What Will Be the Expected Story of Season 2?

tell me your secrets season 2

There are many expected storylines for the Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2. Here is the one expected story which may be taken in the new season and it is Emma’s attempts to find daughter and Theresa also dated Kit and she attacked her because of jealousy.

Mary thought that her daughter was killed but she is alive is the biggest twist and she kidnapped Freya, daughter of Emma from a foster home.

This makes Mary not believe that her daughter Theresa could be a killer and all the blame put on Emma by Mary during a press conference conflicts with the storyline in the first series.

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Ratings and Reviews of Tell Me Your Secrets Season

On IMDB the series got 7.4 ratings but the series popularity went down. Episode 4 and Episode 9 of season 1 is highly rated on IMDB with more than 350+ reviews.

Some user reviews to this series are- it is an excellent series with truly twisted characters turns, oh wow, great great series and keeping the users interested and they loved it.

Is there any Trailer for ‘Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2’?

No, until the renewal of the season there is no official teaser or trailer for the season 2 of Tell Me Your Secrets but you can enjoy and watch season 1 official trailer.

Last Lines

Tell Me Your Secrets is a thriller with a great storyline drama series on Amazon Prime and you can watch the original season until the new season 2 renews officially.

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