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Tell Me a Story Season 3 Release Date: All You Need to Know

Tell me a story is a well-made psychological thriller produced by the studio. Everything from the story to the execution was well-considered and received positive reviews, but will Tell me a story be able to tell another narrative, or was it all in vain? If you, too, are eager in learning more about this series, have no fear, as this article covers every aspect of Tell me a story season 3.

Release Date of Tell Me a Story Season 3

The latest two seasons of this television series have garnered a positive reception thus far. Viewers and critics have responded positively to the previous two seasons. Therefore, we anticipate that the next season will adequately satisfy viewers.

There is a high likelihood that the series will be renewed for season 3, which is scheduled to premiere on March 16, 2023, despite the fact that the studio is unsure of its current plans for the show.

Where Can I Watch Tell Me a Story?

If you wish to view this series, you can do so on the CBS network, which also serves as the series’ official distributor. If you prefer to watch the complete episode online, you can do so via Apple iTunes, Paramount Plus, and the Paramount+ and Amazon Channel. If you have missed any previous episodes, you can watch them on any of these platforms, even if they first aired a while ago.

Tell Me a Story Season 3 Release Date: All You Need to Know

The Storyline of Tell me a Story

Surprisingly, fairy tales exist in the real world. Obviously, pigs and wolves do not figure in these tales, but rather genuine people endowed with special characteristics similar to those of literary heroes. For instance, a female with a menacing wolf tattoo on her hip is preparing to move. She has not yet adjusted to the reality that her mother is deceased.

In the meantime, people are following on television the story about three thieves who also place a high value on sturdy homes. Or, they should focus on the brother and sister, who have not communicated with each other for a long time. Now, however, they share a shared sorrow, and they must collaborate to find a way out of this dreadful circumstance. And if all of these heroes converge in one nation, confusion and vanity will ensue.

The Cast Members of Tell Me a Story

As this is an anthology series, it is difficult to predict who will appear in season 3. However, if the creators decide to move a few previous stories into season 3, we can expect to see Paul Wesley as Tucker Reed, Sam Jaeger as Tim Powell, Odette Annabelle as Maddie Pruitt, Christopher Meyer as Derek Garland, and many others.

Tell Me a Story Season 3 Release Date: All You Need to Know

Recap of Tell Me a Story Season 2

Despite its decent ratings, the show had a few faults of its own, and the conclusion of its second season was unimpressive due to the fact that too many characters had their conclusion, making the conclusion rushed. Audrey Corsa was identified as the murderer of Ashley Rose. The murderer in Simone’s story was Derek Garland, and it is revealed that Olivia is still alive in the main plot.


The first few seasons of the series may look a bit choppy, but if given time, this show has the potential to become amazing. Even though the second season’s conclusion is a little disappointing, the current IMDb score of 7.1% is pretty justifiable.


Tell Me a Story is a choppy drama-thriller anthology series that, if given a chance, may become a good series; however, the studio is uncertain about the show at this time. Even though fans and critics have considered this program to be somewhat enjoyable, season 3 is still pretty far off.

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