Teen Wolf the Movie Ending Explained: Who Will Be the New Face of Teen Wolf?


Teen Wolf After successfully protecting Beacon Hills from a new threat, the film's conclusion offers a look into the futures of certain McCall pack members. Ten years after the Annachi, a new mystery drives McCall and his pack back to their country for a new mission.

The McCall pack is back, and this time they're not only trying to stay on the air; they're also fighting to maintain their heritage. With the conclusion of Teen Wolf: The Movie, it is evident that Jeff Davis has ambitious ideas for Teen Wolf's future.


Will this mark a fresh beginning for the popular series? Uncertainty notwithstanding, Teen Wolf fans will not want to miss their highly anticipated comeback.

The Ending Explanation of Teen Wolf Movie

Allison Argent makes a triumphant return years after her tragic passing. But rather than being a reason for celebration, it confronts the McCall pack with a new riddle to unravel, one that is particularly difficult to manage given that Scott is pitted against the woman he loves. Fortunately, Teen Wolf has a rather happy ending.


Teen Wolf the Movie Ending Explained: Who Will Be the New Face of Teen Wolf?

Nearly six years after MTV canceled Teen Wolf following its sixth season, the show's popularity has endured, encouraging the expansion of the series. This gives the perfect opportunity to reunite the McCall family and explore some of the show's most major plotlines, including Allison's death.

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Eli Hale Could Be The New Face Of Teen Wolf

Eli, Derek's son, is presented as a direct plot element. Eli, a werewolf like his father, may become the next face of the brand. Even though the teenage werewolf had no personal connection to Allison and the mystery surrounding her return other than being a target, the film Teen Wolf did a fantastic job of developing the character, making it the secondary narrative.

Teen Wolf Eli's eyes becoming yellow at the conclusion of the film indicates that he is ready to embrace his real destiny as a werewolf. After striving for some time to shift, Derek's death, as awful as it may be, initiated his progression. Eli's tail might perhaps be associated with Jeff Davis' Wolfpack.

Teen Wolf the Movie Ending Explained: Who Will Be the New Face of Teen Wolf?

Despite previous claims to the contrary, there may be a potential connection between the new Paramount Plus series and Team Wolf, especially if Eli becomes the next alpha after getting guidance from Scott.

Review of Teen Wolf the Movie

Many individuals on social media have praised the film as a masterpiece, expressing their adoration for it. In addition, I've encountered many individuals, such as critics, who dislike the film and have a lot of negative things to say about it. Where should I begin my review of Teen Wolf: The Movie?

Tyler Posey published an Instagram post in which he stated that the followers are receiving what they desire. I don't believe that's what this film actually delivered to us. Jeff Davis may have mentioned on Instagram that he was in the screenplay of the film as it was being filmed.

In my perspective, much of the movie was hurried, and I believe that many of the events that transpired in the film were unnecessary. Many of the fan theories and predictions, as well as the things that I and others across social media sincerely desired to occur, did not materialize.

I anticipated that the CGI would have improved by now, but it has not improved at all. I truly cringed at some of the situations. I'm not trying to be too harsh about the film, but there were moments where I felt the same emotions as in the play.

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However, I believe that the plot didn't truly continue where the program left off. And discussing the ships. In a manner, this film did not deliver what the fans desired. Overall, the film was pretty average.