Teen Wolf The Movie Ending Explained: How Does Scott’s Story End?

You’d be excused for getting sidetracked by one of Teen Wolf: The Movie’s numerous interconnected narratives, even though it may be everything we liked about Teen Wolf: cheesy, unnecessarily theatrical, and ludicrously fantasy in the best possible manner.

You feel as if you need an encyclopaedic knowledge of Teen Wolf history and lore merely to completely understand everything that is going on because almost everyone is back, both enemies and allies.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re still puzzling over the finer points and searching the internet for explanations on this meaty watch that lasts more than two hours. We have your back.

How Did Teen Wolf End?

Beacon Hill is more than a little in a tizzy as a result of Allison’s return, but before we talk about Allison’s complicated relationship with the villain or the movie’s climax, let’s go back and talk about how Allison ended up being reincarnated.

A more grownup Scott (Tyler Posey) has developed wistfulness. It may be his desire to settle down and start a family, which is made abundantly plain right away, or it may have something to do with the visions he has been having of Allison (Crystal Reed).

It comes out that he hasn’t been the only one seeing her. JR Bourne’s character plays Allison’s father Chris Argent, who visits Scott and Deaton (Seth Gilliam) to admit that he has also been troubled by Allison-related nightmares that have been getting more and more real.

 Teen Wolf The Movie Ending Explained

The term Bardo, which Scott found himself writing and Argent constantly heard Allison whisper, connects the two.

Deaton, Scott’s mentor and supernatural scholar, says that bardo refers to a transitional stage between life and death. Argent then assumes that since Allison died in Scott’s embrace, it proves that she never crossed over.

Plausible. It’s been 15 years; perhaps it took her that long to get the hang of texting her loved ones. Regardless, the two are committed to seeing this through to the end, which naturally entails rallying the team—but not Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). Nope. He is otherwise occupied.

However, Lydia (Holland Roden) is as free as a bird despite having a business to ostensibly run, and we salute her commitment to the pack.

She also has connections to Bardo. Despite having left her days of screaming in the past, her Banshee instincts have resurfaced. She starts frantically scrawling on numerous sheets of paper very early on, as though in a trance.

Later, when Jackson (who is now returned) puts them all together, they discover that her Banshee sketches depict a picture of the Sacred Grove, a significant tree in Teen Wolf mythology. Inscribed in the centre of the picture is the word Bardo. (10 guesses as to the location of this unique ceremony to bring Allison back.)

Since Malia (Shelley Hennig) grew up in the woods as a wild were-coyote and should thus be familiar with the location, Scott and Lydia ask her for assistance in finding the tree. She struggles, though, and it’s up to Derek’s son Eli (Vincent Mattis) to assist – we suppose he’s been there since he sleepwalks?

We don’t know; don’t ponder too much; just take the absurd journey. They start the ceremony after escorting the young would-be wolf away. The word “begin” is a bit strong; things just sort of happen naturally. The dirt from the spot where Allison was killed and the object that killed her fly from their hands and are absorbed into the tree, serving as the ritual’s primary symbols.

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At first glance, it looks like nothing has happened, and they leave. But, admirers, we know better than that. Before a light spills from the tree, spreading out like roots and then returning to the tree, Scott pauses, sensing something, and Allison is all that is left in its centre.

They are too preoccupied with the Allison-ness of the scenario to witness the old evil Nogitsune emerge from the tree in its more human form after entering it in the fly form in a cloud of “Elphaba-green” light.

It’s good to see him being so constant. The same worn bandages covering its face as in season three. His physical self needs upheaval, conflict, and suffering, thus Allison’s rebirth cannot be entirely positive.

What Happened With  Scott?

Nogitsune threatens Eli with a knife after realising he’s lost the initiative and makes Allison an offer. Everyone will be let off the hook if she murders Scott. We think it’s a little bit petty, but Allison concurs, stabbing her ex three times in the heart.

 Teen Wolf The Movie Ending ExplainedHowever, it’s all a deception — psych! — since Scott’s internal fox fire causes the arrows to disappear. The conflict then resumes as Allison fires an arrow into Nogitsune’s head!

As a result, Jordan “Hellhound” Parrish (Ryan Kelley) is able to summon reinforcements down below by piercing the force field with his melty hand strength. Eli assists in releasing Derek and the other people that have been imprisoned for so long. Scott then assists father and son as they battle Nogitsune together. But wait, there’s more!

Who Died at the End of Teen Wolf Movie?

Nogitsune captures the wolves and keeps them each contained in a distinct, colour-coded space. Yes, the conflict is still ongoing, but at least it has moved. The illusion is quickly exposed, though, thanks to a perfectly timed wolf howl that synchronises everyone once more.

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Parrish is holding Nogitsune down back in the shadow world and is prepared to put an end to him for good. But Derek steps in, giving his life to put an end to this fight because he isn’t strong enough to do it alone. He tells Scott that Eli is now a member of his pack, and at that moment, both Derek and the mean riddle guy burst into flames.

In this movie, Derek comes close to passing away numerous times, but this time he is definitely dead. Nearly certain about it. Even a memorial has been established in his honour.