Ted 3 : Release Date, Plot And Many More


In 2019, there was a news going around that “Ted 3 won’t happen Again” and many of the people believed it. I have seen many articles regarding this movie, who are claiming that Ted 3 will not take place in future. Many people, who have been watching this show since first were disappointed because somewhere they felt that there is more room for the story. We all thought that this might be the end of the story but is it? In 2020, there is a news regarding Ted 3. Is it really happening?

Despite the Ted 2 hit a major downfall by the people. So, in this article, We’re going to discuss about the reliability of all these rumors and whether Ted 3 is going to happen or not?

If you’re a ted fan, read this article till the end to know every single detail which you can believe on because we, at Keeperfacts, provide you real and honest news.

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Ted – A complete summary

Ted and john

Ted, which was first released in the year 2012, which aims to make people laugh through his comedy skills. Nevertheless, the movie succeed in claiming the hearts of people. The Director of this Comedy-fantasy movie is Seth MacFarlane. The story follows John Bennett, who in his initial stage, will make your heart warm.

Since his childhood, John have a wish to turn his teddy bear into a living, which somewhere we all want. With only $50 Million budget, this movie earned almost $550 Million dollar worldwide, that’s a lot of money! You can watch the first part in NETFLIX.

The success of Ted was enough for the Developers to make another sequel and that’s how we get Ted 2. The sequel movie was released after 3 years of Ted 1 i.e. 2015. Now, this movie doesn’t go through the expectations of the makers but was still a hit in box office. The second movie earns $216.7 Million Dollar worldwide against the budget of $68 Million Dollar. Now, with the end of Ted 2, we all thought that there will be no other sequel.

Moreover, Ted 2 receives a lot if criticism from the people, making all of us believe that Ted 2 was the end of this movie. Is it? We don’t know, read the next section to know if Ted 3 is really happening or not?

Ted 3 – It is coming or not?

When Ted was aired in 2012, it gain a massive amount of fan base around the globe. The viewership of this movie increases significantly and that’s how we get Ted 2.

But Ted 2 didn’t go as per the expectations of the people and gains less than half money than it’s prequel, which makes us believe that there will be no more Ted 3. Ted 2 was not that great as compared to it’s prequel but the movie gain a good profit. There is no official statement regarding the Ted 3 till now.

But, But, But

We have heard that the Director of the movie, Seth MacFarlane is indulge in some sort of work. This is some positive news because we all know how his most famous work is Ted movies.

Furthermore, if there will be any news regarding the Ted 3 in future we’ll update you in the future.

Ted 3 – What will be the Release Date?

The release date of Ted 3 is not announced yet and it would be very hard for us to give any point in this topic. Additionally, we don’t want to give you any wrong information like others.

But there were rumors going around that Ted 3 will come in 2022. We don’t trust in these rumors. We suggest you to wait for the official announcement. Soon after, we’ll update you as soon as possible. Bookmark this page right now for latest updates.

Ted 3 – What can we expect with the storyline?

The story of Ted follows a young boy John Bennett, who always wished that his cute teddy bear to be live. His Teddy Bear is named as Ted, which is also the name of the movie.

Ted 3

In one Christmas, Santa Claus really make his this wish true and Ted is now a living being in his as usual physics. After 27 years, they are still friends and the bond is now more stronger than ever. You’ll fall in love with their friendship. The idea of this story reflects the basic necessity of a person in this world. What we all really need? A true friend.

Have you seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S? There is no doubt that you haven’t. Many of you might didn’t aware of this thing but this show was made in the 90s and the actress are still getting paid for it. Why this show is that much hit? Because it tells how one needs to have friends in their life. More than that, we all need a friend who can understand us in our Rough and Toughs. And that’s the reason why Ted was a massive hit.

Ted 3

Coming back to story, ‘Life isn’t smooth as it seems’ and this is well described in the story. After 27 years nothing remains same. While watching the story you’ll come across a lot of hardship, ups and downs which these two characters faces but end up being happy. In the end of the movie John gets married with Lori, and our adorable Ted started dating Tami-Lynn.

Ted 2 – Storyline

The second part, Ted 2 takes us to the time gap of 6 months after. Now, things always go right between John and her wife and they end up getting divorced. On the other hand Ted decided to get bond with Tami-Lynn. Now these two wants to have a child but later they decided to adopt.

We all know how it is important to go through the legal formalities in order to adopt a child and for a teddy bear to get a baby isn’t normal. There start a legal and the courts decided to take away all the legal action regarding ted but ultimately Ted won. In the end if Ted 2, both the couples adopted a lil baby boy named Apollo Creed.

If the third part will happen ever it would definitely going to have a great storyline. The second movie surely leaves the door open for third part. It would be very interesting to know what will happen with Ted and her wife. It would be really interesting to watch a teddy raising a child. If any of the Developers reading this article, thinking of another sequel then Go ahead.

Moreover, John is now divorced and his love life is almost empty like a glass. Will there be another girl for him or his old wife is getting back? We don’t know. It would be very interesting to watch these characters.

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Ted 3 – What will be the cast ?

As far as we know that Ted is not going to change at all. He is just a stuff toy and the voice over artist have already told hoe much he love to voice Ted. The main character of the Ted, Mark Wahlberg will be casted as John Bennett. He was already in both the sequel and we can expect him to be in third part too. There isn’t any rumors or Official news regarding him to not act so we can count him.

Ted and john friendship

Additionally, a big question arises here that whether the actress Samantha will be casted or not? Because we have already seen her getting divorce with John. If the story continues to add her story with John we might see her. Other than that, I personally think that there will be addition of tge characters. If you have seen the movies of Ted, every Sequel have more characters compared to it’s prequel. Not only this, but the story demands more characters.

Famous dialogue of this movie

Teddy bear gif

  • Rex was forced to give up his pursuit of Lori. Not long afterwards, he fell into a deep depression and died of Lou Gehrig’s disease.
  • John, I look like something you give to your kid when you tell ‘em Grandma died.
  • Oh, come on. I don’t sound really much like Peter Griffin.
  • But I can give you love, and rocking horses, and dancing!
  • Do you remember Brandon Routh from that god awful ‘Superman’ movie? Jesus Christ! Thanks for getting our hopes up and taken a giant shit on us!
  • It’s not my fault she can’t speak English.
  • That’s my bad, I was sending a tweet.

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Reviews Of This Movie

The first part is rated 4.4 by the audience whereas the second Installment gained only 4.2. We have mentioned some of the honest opinion from the people.

Chris Karley

A very entertaining movie with some laughs, and even a small bit of heart as well. The whole cast is great, namely Mark Wahlberg who, had he not taken this role seriously, it would have sank the movie tremendously because the endearing nature of his character is what drives the film in my opinion. Yes, the Bear is the focal point, and the one who gets most of the laughs, but it’s the dynamic between Ted and John that is so infectious and heartwarming, that it makes the third act so compelling. A really solid comedy.

Han Dev

I think this is just as good as the first Ted. It’s really funny and entertaining, and the main characters are enjoyable to watch once again. This film is also more stylised than Ted 1 and it has an interestingly political story.

Robbie Delaney

This film indefinitely is a superb movie. For me, its Remarkable but coz of some scenes which were infact bad but were good bcoz of the loving teddy bear. The thunder song was fabulous, well, mark’s acting too with the supporting main actress’s role was also great but not lying the whole film was based for Mr. I’ll surely write more words out here but not now when I end this film series and one is left now which is Ted 2 to go.💯


Ted, a comedy-fantasy movie, which was first released in the year 2012 became a great hit immediately. The movie hit the box office and establish a place in the hearts of people. After 3 years, In 2015, the Developers came with another part of Ted. This movie wasn’t that much spread and gain almost half if the popularity then it’s prequel.

Now people are talking about Ted 3 which will be the third part of the movie. The second part end wasn’t a satisfactory and somewhere we do feel that there will be more in the story of Ted and her wife. We are just hoping for another sequel.

If you have any questions regarding this article then Comment us down.


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