Taylor Ann Green Was “Triggered” When She Ran Into Shep Rose’s Ex-girlfriend.

Multiple news sources announced on July 20 that the “Southern Charm” pair has split after more than two years together. Neither reality TV star has commented publicly on the divorce, although in a recent interview, Shep discussed his relationship.

Taylor Ann Green disclosed on Thursday’s episode of “Southern Charm” that she was “triggered” after encountering the woman with whom Shep Rose cheated on her.

Taylor Ann Green and Shep Ros

“I just saw her and I’m triggered,” she said to her friend Olivia Flowers as they caught up. “Of course, Shep told Taylor, ‘You have to stop. That was several years ago.'”

During last season’s reunion, Rose, 42, admitted to cheating on Green, 27, with another man.

“It was an old flame and I kissed a female in a staircase, but that was it,” he told host Andy Cohen at the time, adding that he had exchanged text messages with another lady.

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During the new episode, Green said in a confessional that she is not typically a “jealous person”; however, the sight of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend triggered a whirlwind of unpleasant emotions.

She complained to the camera, “Here we are.”

Taylor Ann Green and Shep Ros

Green then informed Flowers, 30, that she would end the relationship permanently if the author of “Average Expectations” cheated on her again.

“If something similar were to occur again, I’m leaving,” she stated. “I would calmly stand back and say, ‘I truly feel sad for you and the person you are at your core, but have fun with that.’ Good luck falling asleep at night knowing who you are.'”

However, in a recent episode of “Southern Charm,” the men implied more than once that Rose was unfaithful.

Craig Conover said in a confessional of Rose, “Taylor is nervous when you leave town because you continue to cheat on her when you leave town,” citing Taylor’s anxiety.

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“I mean, how exactly is she expected to sleep quietly at night?”

People reported earlier this month that after two years of dating, the pair eventually broke up.

According to sources, Rose’s “serious monogamy issues” contributed to the breakup of the relationship.

“[He] told Taylor that he doesn’t want to be with only one person and modify his lifestyle,” a source claimed.

“She is quite sad, but she knows that she deserves a guy who will fight for her, not one who is so self-centered,” claimed a second person, adding that Rose will “regret this.”

Taylor Ann Green and Shep Ros

Rose recently acknowledged that he and Green experienced a few difficulties during Season 8 filming of “Southern Charm.”

He stated, “[This season] took a toll on my relationship.” It was just difficult. Even when filming, there is a certain amount of anxiousness. You want everything to go smoothly, but when you strive too hard, things generally blow up in your face, as was the case here. “When I saw the train approaching, I rushed into it rather than away from it. “Southern Charm” airs on Bravo every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.