Take a Look at 5 New Marvel Characters Who Significantly Changed the MCU

There is a possibility that Marvel will introduce vital characters who could have a significant impact on the MCU. On July 28, 2023, the highly anticipated sequel to Captain Marvel will be released.

Despite the divisive reception the first film received in 2019, The Marvels is one of the most anticipated upcoming movies. While a teaser has not yet been released, Marvel has lately begun advertising the film with the release of the first official poster.

1. Noh-Varr

Although Kamala Khan is not a member of the Young Avengers in the comics, she must join Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, America Chavez, and Billy and Tommy when they are eventually brought back to the MCU.

5 New Marvel Characters Who Could Significantly Change the MCU

By introducing Noh-Varr, also known as Marvel Boy, the Marvels can further the MCU Young Avengers’ objective. As a native of an alternate world, he is an ideal choice and may make the most sense of all the candidates, as he would fit in well with the multiversal story. In addition, as a Kree ensign and with the Kree Empire’s anticipated involvement in The Marvels, his odds are quite good.

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2. Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel is a fun choice based on the film’s title. Blue Marvel is less well-known than the others due to his 2008 debut, but he is still the ideal stunt post-credits introduction for The Marvels.

Adam Brashear was active in the 1960s when an experiment in the Negative Zone bestowed him with superhuman strength and abilities comparable to those of Captain Marvel.

5 New Marvel Characters Who Could Significantly Change the MCU

Notably, if Kamala’s bracelet were one of the Nega-Bands, it would be connected to the Negative Zone. Appropriately, as the titular trio is exchanging places, perhaps one of them becomes stranded there, and they encounter Blue Marvel in a similar predicament.

3. Nova

Unlike Rogue, Nova’s entrance is certain, hence he has a greater probability of making his debut in The Marvels. The development of a Nova Disney+ series was announced. It is likely one of the unverified Phase 6 movies and television shows.

5 New Marvel Characters Who Could Significantly Change the MCU

Since Guardians of the Galaxy established the Nova Corps and Avengers: Infinity War described Xandar’s annihilation, an element vital to his heroic background, the series has been a long time coming.

Considering the series has already been announced, his appearance in The Marvels would be simpler to enjoy than Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder, given it is unknown when the audience will next see him.

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4. Rogue

Rogue is the only plausible candidate for the role of villain in a new Captain Marvel film. While she is currently known as a member of the X-Men and as a hero, Rogue first debuted as a villain in 1981’s Avengers Annual #10.

5 New Marvel Characters Who Could Significantly Change the MCU

She has a significant history with Carol Danvers, having taken her abilities permanently upon meeting her as Ms. Marvel. This is something that Fox’s X-Men films were unable to depict, but the MCU can today.

In Marvel, Rogue’s entry to the MCU would be huge. She would be the third mutant to make an appearance, following Namor and Kamala Khan. Nonetheless, compared to them, Rogue would be the greatest impetus for the X-complete Men’s integration.

5. Genis-Vell & Phyla-Vell

The MCU has included three of the seven Captain Marvels to date: Carol Danvers, Mar-Vell, and Monica Rambeau. Nevertheless, given the title of The Marvels, the MCU could add two more Captain Marvels.

5 New Marvel Characters Who Could Significantly Change the MCU

The children of Mar-Vell, Genis-Vell, and Phyla-Vell, are the third and fourth characters to assume the mantle, respectively. Intriguingly, they were both intentionally produced by Mar-lover, Vell’s Elysius, who himself was an artificial creature comparable to an Eternal.

The two heroes could have an unexpected role in Eternals 2 about Starfox, should the MCU wish to bridge narratives.

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Summing up

It will reveal whether or not Ms. Marvel’s bangle has a relation to Kang and/or Shang-Chi, as has been speculated. Like with every other MCU film, The Marvels will likely advance the Multiverse Saga, which will very certainly result in the introduction of new, significant MCU characters.