Taboo 2 : Everything You Should Know About It

Don’t consider yourself a Webseries fan if you haven’t seen Peaky blender. The one if the greatest series of the Era have gain a lot of praises world wide. Talking about ‘Peaky blenders' Tom hardy have already made his Introduction to us. The famous actor who have made his reputation in webseries through his hard-work is also working in ‘Taboo‘. So today we’re going to discuss about its upcoming sequel Taboo 2

“There is enough treachery already surrounding us that there is no need for us to add to it.”

The BBC network original Taboo release on 7 January 2017. The story of this series was set in the time of 1814 with the main character James Delaney (Tom Hardy) returning to England. He came back after living twelve years in Africa with fourteen stolen diamonds.

Moreover, his father is dead now and as the war with the United States is nearing its end. The series explores the dark side of London in 19th century. It focuses the miserable and dark side of political and business corruption, the gangs, the misery of the working class, the increase in wealth of the rich, etc.

With having 8 episodes in the first series, we confirmed that the sequel will also have sane number of episodes.

What is the official releasing date?

The BBCs original series Taboo 2 is great for someone who love criminal, drama and thriller. The story is set during the time of 19 century similar to Peaky blenders.

The Generation team commented that the should is going to hit in the year 2020. But we all know what happen with the arrival of Corona Virus in our country. With many if our Favourite shows being stopped to cast and Taboo 2 was one of them. With fans eagerly waiting for its release news.

Steve knight in an interview said –

“It’s almost completed in terms of script. We had a couple of delays because of the other commitments but we are hoping to start shooting end of this year”

He further added “It’s definitely coming”

Now, as per the this we can know that the series is going to launch in the upcoming year of 2021.

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What is the Cast of Taboo?

Going further we should aware of the cast who is going to work on the screen. Some of the leaks are already circulating on the Internet. The main protagonist Tom Hardy will remain as the center part of the show. He officially announced this news.

He said in a statement that,

”We are grateful and excited to continue our relationship with the BBC and FX in contributing towards British drama,”


He’ll act as a James Delaney. Beside him some other actors for the show’s next series be

• Lorna Bow/Delaney as Jessie Buckley

• Edward Hogg as Michael Godfrey

• Stephen Graham as Atticus

• Nicholas Woodeson as Robert Thoyt

• David Hayman as Brace

• Mark Gatiss as the Prince Regent

• Jason Watkins as Solomon Coop

What will be the plot of the show?

The story follows the main character James who is a smuggler. He returned to England after 12 years of staying at Africa. He got disappointed after knowing that his wealthy father left nothing for him from the his will. He get into fight with the East India company, who, in most of the season is trying to kill him. At last he finally escape and ran onto the ship which is sailing it’s way to America. The new story will be based on his life experiences in America.

As promised by Steve, the new season will be “Explosive”

In fact We will follow James and his crew members in the city of America. Moreover we’re also aware that they will eventually land in Ponta Delgada. This place is in Azores, which is nothing but a remote group of Portuguese Island which is in the middle of Atlantic ocean.

In addition, Steve said –

“ There’s a great destination for, but I don’t know if we’re in an position to talk about the actual details of it”

Will there be a Third part of this series?

The Taboo series was basically designed as a 3 season show and likewise there is news about the possibility of it’s third part. Moreover when asked to the film director Steve knight, he said –


“It will be. You know if I and all of us stick to it and we want to keep doing it because that’s a smart plan. I got of geographical kind of rout for it”

Famous Dialogue of Taboo

There are some of the dialogue which we personally loved from this series and wanted to share with our viewers.

• One remembers those one looks up to more readily than those you look down upon – James Delany

• What kind of rational man believes in justice? – James Delany

• One thing Africa did not cure, is that I still love you. – James Delany

• We’re all just part of the plan, aren’t we sir? – Brace

• You are in every way an unopened box. Just when I think it’s empty I hear a tiger roaring inside it – Lorna

• A sheep is a sheep, but also wool and meat – Edgar Dumbarton

• I have sworn to do very foolish things – James Keziah Delaney.

Bottom Lines

Our article is completely based on the Taboo 2. We have covered everything we know so far about the Taboo Second installemt, our major goal is to keep our reader updated with the latest trends and the updates. If you like our efforts then let's us know in our comment section below.

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