Need to Switch a PNG to JPG?


PNG is a high-quality image file with many features, but when sharing images, building websites, or uploading multiple files, PNG is missing. Fortunately, JPG is very strong in these areas. Find out how to convert PNG to JPG.

What is PNG?


Portable Network Graphics is a bitmap graphics file format that holds up lossless data compression. PNG was developed as an improved, non-proprietary replacement for the graphics exchange format.PNG supports palette-based images, grayscale images, and RGB or RGBA images that are not based on full-color palettes. However, you can convert the PNG files quickly with a soda PDF.

What is JPG?

JPEG (usually with a .jpeg or .jpg file extension) stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, which is the name of the group that created the JPEG standard. JPEG is a widely used method of compressing digital images: when you create an image or take a picture and save it in JPEG format, you reduce the image quality in exchange for smaller file size.


This particular trade-off between size and quality is widespread on the Internet since JPEG files are often downloaded quickly, even with slower Internet connections. JPEG is also useful for digital cameras to produce good quality images that take up little space in the digital camera memory cards.

Change file extension directly:

Although you can rename files in Windows 10 to change their extension, you need to change a few settings first:

• Open File Explorer and click View on the ribbon.

• Select “File Name Extension”

• You will find the option on the right side of the tape.

• Rename a file in Windows Explorer

• How to change a file extension

• When you rename a file with a different extension, in most cases it does not work. However, if you have a .png file, you can simply rename image.png to image.jpeg and it will automatically be changed to a different work fine and format.

Online Converter:

There are more online converters out there than you can count, but if you're looking for a reliable name, Soda PDF is your tool. It can convert certain PNG files to JPG. You can convert multiple files by choosing more files, allowing you to choose from dozens of file extensions, upload multiple files at once, and convert files via Google Drive, Dropbox, direct upload, and URL.

If you are looking for professional services, see their data collection and retention policies. Both CloudConvert and Convertio collect insignificant data, delete your downloads within 24 hours, and have no access to your documents.

Why convert PNG to JPG?

Consider converting a PNG to a JPG image file if you need a smaller file. There are many reasons why you might need to compress an image file. A PNG file is a type of high-quality image file that retains all information and quality. However, especially for businesses, the JPG format is better because it plays an important role in building a website.

When a company builds its website, it knows how important it is to keep customers on the site. If the page takes too long to load, customers will leave. This is why organizations convert PNG files to JPG with soda pdf. Create more compact images for web pages, allowing older computers and slower Internet users to browse the website and other websites with superior connections.