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Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Sweet Magnolias is Not Coming in 2021!

Want to watch one of the most popular series on Netflix which comes from Sheryl J. Anderson book? If yes then watch Sweet Magnolias which came in May 2020 and also announced for its new season. Sweet Magnolias is the best series, which results in demand for its new season by the fans and they also show interest more and more when the first season ends.

Will the Sweet Magnolias be available on other platforms? Yes, the first season is available to stream on Netflix and even on more than one platform.

In this article we will focus and discuss the new and the second season of Sweet Magnolias which should be expected to come in 2022. Why are the three women dramas not coming in 2021 after it was announced in 2020.

The story revolves around three women who face difficulty, love relations in their life and the series shows the bond between them. They face many challenges in their life and that’s why the characters or the show is loved by the viewers.

The first season of Sweet Magnolias came on May 19, 2020 at the time of pandemic and the original season was announced 3 years back from the current time which was 2018.

The actual story of the new season is unknown at this time and we didn’t know what you are going to watch but till the official trailer of season 2 you can watch its previous season 1 trailer if you are watching this show for the first time.

Here we will discuss its renewal date, cast, where to watch, Release date, filming of season 2 and many other things which you like to read.

Is Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Renewed?

Yes, sweet Magnolias was officially renewed in July 2020 and a gif is also posted by Sheryl J. Anderson on twitter. The post is funny in which a cartoon character is typing and which indicates that ideas for season 2 started and it was said by her-

“I’m thrilled and excited to come back with a cast and a crew that I love so much. It’s such a valentine to everybody who worked so hard to make Serenity such a beautiful place. JoAnna, Brooke, and Heather and I were jumping up and down while texting each other, and we look forward to doing that over Zoom too.”

Who are the Cast Members of Magnolias Season 2?

These are the cast members who are expected to come back for the new season and reprise their roles-

The indication to come for the second installment of these cast members is also reported and these include Jamie Lynn Spears, Dion Johnstone and Brandon Quin and there is a chance that Adelynn Spoon will also appear in Sweet Magnolias season 2.

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Magnolias Season 2: Release Date

This is the favourite section of all the viewers to know when they will get the series or movie. It was planned by Netflix that the filming of the season 2 began in the springtime of this year in Georgia and before this production team is mapping in Georgia at the time of February in 2021.

It was revealed by JoAnna Garcia Swisher that she was getting ready for the final day shooting and the shooting of the new season concluded in mid of the July this year.

It may be the reason that due to covid-19 filming of the season was delayed and expected to come later on.

Official date for Sweet Magnolias season 2 is not announced but it is hoped that it will not come in 2021 as 2.5 months are left of this year and the season will premiere from 2022 in the beginning or in the mid time.

So, no confirmation about the release date is mentioned and we will update this section when its official release date comes out on the internet.

These are Episodes of season 2 of Sweet Magnolias and These are-

At this time we only hear about its 4 episodes.

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Frequent Questions Asked

Is the Magnolias Successful series on Netflix?

This drama is successful and performing well on Netflix as it remains number 1 for the 33 days on the US TV list and in top 10 in the United Kingdom for 13 days which automatically gives signals that the show is running in an excellent way.

How many seasons of Sweet Magnolias are there?

At this time one 1 season is available to watch on all platforms where the series is available but you will definitely see its another season on Netflix as the next season was produced and will come next year. So, you have to wait a little longer for its new branded season.

How many episodes are in Sweet Magnolias season 2?

Currently it is not confirmed how many episodes there are in season 2, but it is hoped that this season will also consider 10 episodes in it like its previous season.

When is Sweet Magnolias season 2 filming?

The filming of Sweet Magnolias new season started in April 2021 in Covington, Georgia and wrapped officially in mid-July 2021 as announced by the star Joanna Garcia but the show is likely to be seen in post production which simply means there is enough 4-5 months gap between its completion and its release date.

Sweet Magnolias Season 1 to Watch Other Than Netflix?

You can also stream Sweet Magnolias on the given below platforms-

Last Lines

You have to wait a little more for the sweet magnolias season 2 until its official release date comes out. Till then enjoy your day with its previous season or check out other tv dramas and web series on

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