Sweet Home Season 2: What Are Latest Updates in This Season

Sweet Home got off to a rip-roaring and gory start on Netflix when it premiered last month. However, it has been fifteen months and Netflix has yet to publicly declare that the agreement will be renewed. However, according to social media, it appears that work on the second season of Sweet Home has commenced. Here’s what we know thus far about the situation.

Sweet Home is a Korean horror television series produced by Netflix that is based on the webtoon comic of the same name by Yongchan Hwang. Crash Landing on You is being produced by Studio Dragon, which has previously been responsible for numerous popular K-Dramas such as My Holo Love, Love Alarm, Arthdal Chronicles, and Crash Landing on You among others.

Sweet Home Season 2

Sweet Home has been available on Netflix for fifteen months, and the streaming provider has yet to clarify that it will continue to be available. The Netflix original series Sweet Home was cancelled in 2021, but it is increasingly likely that the show has been renewed and that production has begun on the second season.

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Several photographs from Song Kang’s manager’s Instagram profile have been discovered by eagle-eyed fans who have been searching the internet. A photograph with the caption “It has begun,” while another appears to be the first page of a script, was shared on social media. It is necessary to treat the photograph taken of the script with caution due to the complete absence of Korean hanja, which could imply that it is a possible forgery of the real thing. A third photograph was obtained, and it appears to be of a production staff, but there is no way to confirm that this is the crew behind Sweet Home.

Will Netflix Renew Its Contract?Will Netflix Renew Its Contract?

The popularity of a Netflix Original can have a significant impact on how long it takes the streaming service to announce the renewal of a series. According to Netflix, it can take several weeks or even months before a show’s renewal is confirmed, as was the case with the show Sweet Home.

Sweet Home had a strong debut month on Netflix, breaking into at least 32 different top ten lists throughout the world in the first month of its distribution around the globe. Sweet Home, in particular, was able to reach the top of the Netflix charts in several countries, including South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The series has made it into the top 10 most popular television shows in the United States. The fact that Sweet Home has reached the top ten in the United States will significantly boost the likelihood of the series being renewed.

What Can We Expect From the Second Season of Sweet Home?

Sweet Home’s season finale left us with a lot to think about as we prepare for season 2.

 Sweet Home season 2

What Happened to Sang-wook, and How Did He Die?

Immediately prior to the season 1 finale, we last saw Sang-Wook dying in a pool of his own blood after attempting to help Yu Ri. The final twist of the season was Cha Hyun Soo waking up in a military van driven by a scarless Sang-Wook, which was the final twist of the season.

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One of two things may have happened to Sang Wook, and both were possible outcomes. First and foremost, Sang Wook has either undergone his own metamorphosis and is currently in the Golden Hour before he turns into a monster, or he is currently in the Golden Hour before he transforms into a monster. First and foremost, we last saw Myeong escaping in a military van after being defeated by Cha Hyun Soo, and given that his powers appear to be able to take control of other humans, it is possible that he has taken control of Sang Wook’s body as well.

Is Eun Hyuk No Longer Alive?

Eun Hyuk began to bleed in the same way that an infected person would in the seconds before Green Homes came crashing down. While buried beneath the wreckage of the apartment building, if Eun Hyuk is going through his own metamorphosis, any regenerative talents he may have could be the difference between life and death.

It’s possible that Eun Hyuk’s desire to keep his fractured family together was the catalyst for his transformation. Despite the fact that he is not Eun Yoo’s biological brother.

Yi Kyung Is on the Prowl for Cha Hyun Soo, Is He Not?

Yi Kyung spent a significant portion of the first season attempting to discover out what happened to her fiance, Nam Sang Won, but she never found out what occurred. Yi Kyung has now joined the military, despite the fact that she did not keep her half of the bargain with them. She will most likely be on the lookout for Cha Hyun Soo. If she is successful in apprehending Cha Hyun Soo, she may be able to uncover the truth about her fiance’s whereabouts.

What Will Happen to the Survivors Who Are Still Alive?

Only a handful of people were able to make it out of the Green Homes alive and well. It is more than likely that the survivor’s next house will not be very safe for a long time despite the promise of shelter and a safe haven.

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Eun Hyuk made it apparent that the military cannot promise safety since they are unable to prevent survivors from transforming into monsters after they have survived.

Sweet Home Season 2

The Premiere Date for Sweet Home Season 2 on Netflix Has Been Set.

A significant period of time could pass before Sweet Home makes its way back into Netflix’s streaming service.Season 1 was filmed over the course of eight months, from June 2019 to February 2020, and was released in June 2019. If production has only recently began, it is possible that we may have to wait until 2023 before the release of Sweet Home season 2.