Suspect Theories Regarding Tammy Williams Unsolved Mysteries

The “Body in Bags” episode of Unsolved Mysteries involves a non-linear timeline, bouncing between two stories that eventually intersect. In the first narrative, the family of apparel entrepreneur David Carter examines his mysterious disappearance and the signs of foul play discovered in his Melvindale, Michigan apartment.

The second piece focuses on a series of bags containing dismembered body parts that were discovered in several spots along Ohio’s I-75. The body was eventually identified as that of David Carter, shortly before his girlfriend, travel agent Tammy Williams, fled the state to avoid criminal charges.

Who is Tammy Williams?

Fox2 reports that 43-year-old Tamera Williams is wanted by the US Department of Justice for “mutilation, dissection of a corpse, tampering with evidence, and felony firearm” about the death of David Carter. Williams, a medical center employee and travel agent had been dating David Carter, a Michigan factory worker, for six months before his disappearance.

On September 28, 2018, Williams attended the football game of Carter’s son DJ with Carter and his family. DJ’s mother, Samia Conner, told Unsolved Mysteries, “David and Tammy came to the game together, but were not together at the game.”

Two days later, DJ was scheduled to remain with his father, but Conner allegedly received a text message from Carter’s phone stating that he was sick. DJ observed Williams emptying the trash cans when he went to his father’s house to retrieve some possessions.

Suspect Theories Regarding Tammy Williams Unsolved Mysteries

“She sprinted to the apartment door,” DJ said in the Netflix documentary. “When I arrived at my father’s residence, the door was locked. Since she saw me, you would have expected she would have left the door unlocked, but I had the key.”

Williams informed DJ that Carter went for a stroll. However, on October 2nd, Carter’s coworker informed his family that he had been absent from work for three days.

The victim’s relatives reportedly discovered his flat unlocked, with a massive blood stain under the bed and a gunshot hole in the mattress. Carter’s sister, Tasia Carter-Jackson, told the documentary, “On the Tuesday night, after we noticed the stain and the gunshot hole, I contacted Tammy and I asked her, ‘Tammy – I’m going to ask you again, where is my brother?'”

“She responded, ‘Tasia, I have no idea what you’re talking about. He has not been seen since Sunday. She seemed unconcerned when I informed her that he was absent.

Williams was initially arrested on October 5, 2018, four days after Carter’s death was discovered, however, she was later freed due to insufficient evidence. According to ClickOnDetroit, she escaped Detroit in mid-October of that year, following which the authorities began searching for her.

Where is Tammy Williams Currently?

In September 2021, Supervisory Deputy US Marshal Aaron Garcia told Fox2: “We’ll find you.”

He continued, “We’ve been investigating this issue for three years at this point, and we’ve had very little assistance. People are aware of her whereabouts, location, and contact information. They have not yet come forward.” The US Marshals are reportedly offering a $10,000 reward for information about Williams, and in September 2021, police speculated that Williams’ family may have assisted her in evading authorities.

Andrew Battersby of the US Marshals Task Force in Detroit stated in the video, “Someone is assisting her monetarily and also by giving her with a roof, a place to live. She simply did not vanish.” He believes Williams to be a “threatening woman” and adds, “The weapon used has not been discovered, therefore she is likely armed and dangerous.”

According to Battersby, Williams was spotted on 16 October 2018 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, when she withdrew cash and dined at a restaurant.

On October 17, she allegedly took a train to Chicago and then a second train to Penn Station in New York City, where she checked into the Neptune Hotel under her name. She reportedly stayed one night and was last seen leaving the hotel on the 18th, which was the last time she was seen.

Battersby remarked, “She may have short braids or be wearing wigs.” “The one thing she has in common with everyone other is that she has a massive rose tattoo on her left shoulder that extends from the elbow to the top of the shoulder. This bouquet of roses will stand out.”