Surviving Summer Season 1: When It Will Be Released?

At the end of Surviving Summer, everything starts to happen. Marlon doesn’t want to play dirty, so Ari wins first place. This causes a big fight between Marlon and Griff, who promises to tell the judges everything and make Griff pay for his bad behavior.

Ari’s heart was broken when Bodhi said it would be “gross” to date him, which Summer heard. At the end of episode 9, Summer kissed Ari. But Margot, who has come back and wants to take Summer back to the US, is right behind her… but will she go back to America?

What Happens at the Competition for the Girls?

Episode 10 of Surviving Summer starts off with Summer and Margot leaving. Ari, on the other hand, is in trouble because he broke curfew and went to the competition without telling his parents. Even though he made it to the Finals, Abbie is not happy and tells him to go home.

In the meantime, Luciana tries to convince the judges not to kick Marlon out, but it doesn’t work. When Poppy goes to see Griff, she learns that he has been lying to her the whole time. This breaks her heart. Not only that, but she’s feeling down about the competition because she thinks her chances of making it to the next round are over.

Bodhi goes out on the waves with a new drive and spirit, and he is able to take the lead. But when she gets hit in the head, she spins out and falls off her board quickly.

Does Bodhi Survive? Who Takes First Place?

Surviving Summer Season 1

It’s a bad situation, and Summer and Ari are the first ones there, which is good because they both ran away from their parents and went out on the water earlier in the chapter. They work together to get Bodhi to the hospital. She’s okay, which is good news, but it means that the competition has to be put off for now.

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Out in the hospital hallway, Poppy and Marlon talk about their problems. Poppy thanks Marlon for standing up for her, even though it got him kicked out of the game.

In the second half of the episode, we find out how the girls did. It’s wonderful news! Since they could still compete, Poppy wins and Bodhi comes in second.

Do Margot and Summer Make Up for What Went Wrong?

At the same time, Summer and Ari try to change the mind of the other’s mother. But it makes Abbie and Margot argue about how they raise their kids, which isn’t good. This affects the kids, too, because Ari calls Summer out for ruining all her relationships in the past. Summer, however, fights back by telling Ari that he needs to tell his mom the truth about his anxiety.

The next day, Margot talks to Summer and says that she is impressed with how well she can surf. After breaking the ice, Margot says she’ll hang out with them a lot more when they get back to the US. Summer has changed a lot since the beginning of the season when she was angry and mean.

Summer tells her mother that she doesn’t want to put her mother’s career at risk for her own goals.

What Decision Does Ari Make?

Surviving Summer Season 1

When Summer and Margot leave for the airport, Summer writes a letter in which she says she is to blame for everything. This gives Ari’s parents a chance to change their minds about him and let him go to the final.

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Ari is torn between stopping Summer and going to the grand final, so this is a big moment. Before he goes out on the waves, he stops, turns to his mom, and says, “There’s something really wrong with me.” He doesn’t say it’s because of his anxiety, but that’s the first step to getting better.

Does Ari Break Up With Summer or Do They Stay Together?

Ari makes it just in time to the airport to say goodbye to Summer before she leaves. He agrees that he’s taken the first step, just as she suggested. As they long for each other, the two people kiss. “Don’t think too much about me.” Summer says as she leaves for the airport to catch her flight.

How Does Season 1 of Surviving Summer End?

Surviving Summer Season 1

Now that Summer is gone and Ari has taken the first step toward getting better, we go back to the beach where Ari and his friends are getting ready to go surfing. Summer, meanwhile, lands in New York. She checks her phone and smiles when she sees a picture of the gang. Ah, summer loving!

So, Surviving Summer is a pretty good ending to this series. It ties up all the major plot points and does so with a satisfying (if cliche) chapter. There’s the usual airport chase, some misunderstandings, and a victory at the end, but it works pretty well for the audience this movie is aimed at.

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The surfing action has been a nice change of pace. However, there have been too many montages with surfing and general water play. This is more of a personal complaint than a problem with the show itself.

Yes, the series is a little bit simple, and many people will guess that Summer and Ari will fall in love a mile away. But it works in the context of this series, and Ari and Summer grow as people as a result.

Marlon seems to get the short end of the stick here, and even though he does the right thing, it would have been nice to see him say more to wrap this up.

Still, the series has been fun to watch, and you’ll probably like the characters if you go into it expecting a simple, formulaic surfing drama.

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