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Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale Release Date, Story and Related Updates!

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale

The documentary ‘Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale‘ investigates the Okavango Delta, a huge oasis containing one of Africa's most diversified animal populations. As the Kalahari desert's dry season intensifies, all types of pride, packs, and herds must rely on the strength of the family to survive. It is also a sanctuary, created and maintained every day by its residents in exchange for providing for their every need.

About ‘Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale’

Apparently, Netflix “The novel ‘Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale' investigates the Okavango Delta, a large oasis cut off from the rest of the world by a harsh desert. It is also a haven, constructed and maintained daily by its occupants; in exchange, it meets all of their needs. It may appear that big cats rule this area, but in reality, the fates of all creatures, large and little, are connected.

The video investigates the blueprints for constructing the ideal world and administering it sustainably despite drought, starvation, and flood. Most importantly, it highlights those who pass on the secret formula to their offspring, who will find it more difficult than ever to preserve their Eden.”

When Does the Film ‘Surviving Paradise: a Family Tale' Release, and Where to Watch It?

On March 3, 2022, the first season of Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale debuted. Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale, Season 1 is now one of the most popular television programs, with new episodes being produced regularly.
The captivating plot of Surviving Paradise A Family Tale Season 1 is one of the primary reasons why this series has gained such popularity, prompting people to seek out Surviving Paradise A Family Tale Season 1, as described in the preceding section.

Where Did the Movie Surviving Paradise: a Family Tale Filmed?

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale is a new Netflix Originals movie that was shot entirely in Botswana. The English actor Regé Jean Page from the period drama Bridgerton narrates the film. It is a wildlife drama that shows how people live in the Okavango Delta between the seasons of flood and drought.

The Plot Summary of ‘Surviving Paradise: a Family Tale'

Okavango Delta is also home to an abundance of wildlife, as Netflix explains: “Big cats may appear to reign here, but in truth, the destiny of all creatures, great and small, is entwined. This film examines the blueprints for constructing the ideal planet, administering it responsibly, and preserving it amid drought, starvation, and flood.

“Most importantly, it highlights those passing on the secret formula to their successors, who will find it more difficult than ever to preserve their Eden.”

Who Is Featured in “Surviving Paradise: a Family Tale”?

This wildlife documentary has Regé-Jean Page as its narrator. Fans from all around the world were captivated by his role as ‘Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings' in the Emmy-nominated drama series ‘Bridgerton‘ on Netflix.

Regé-Jean Page has been nominated for Emmys, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Black Reel Awards for Television, Satellite Awards, and TV Choice Awards, and has won in his individual categories at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and NAACP Awards.
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The film's director of photography is Brad Bestelink, while its director and producer are Renee Godfrey. Matt Meech is the Editor and Co-Director of ‘Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale,' and James Honeyborne is the Executive Producer.


The documentary film “Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale” depicts a year in the lives of the animal inhabitants of the Okavango Delta in the Kalahari desert. The film is narrated by Regé-Jean Page and presents a rapid-fire tour of a territory rife with risks and the cast of folks who live there. The documentary is exquisitely filmed, and the direction of events is so well constructed that it even functions as an emotive narrative, rather than only seeing nature in its purest form.

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