Supernatural Ruby: Know More About Supernatural Ruby’s Character And Season 16!

Looking for the Ruby’s Character in the American Action, mystery drama Supernatural whose 15 seasons already came and fans are waiting for the next season 16.

Will you see Ruby in season 15 as the flashback after she is killed in the fourth season. When will the latest season 16 come?

Is Supernatural renewed or Cancelled for season 16? Who is Ruby in Supernatural? Is she a good spirit or a bad one?

The Ruby demon character is played by 2 actresses and they are Katie Cassidy and Genevieve Cortese. In the fourth season Ruby role is played by Genevieve Cortese due to which there are negative reactions of fans as Cassidy is replaced by Cortese and there may be the reason behind this.

Creators of the show supernatural thought that the fourth season would progress more and they also wanted to expand the characters of demons’ in the series. Ruby appeared in the 3rd season for the first time and helps Sam and Dean Winchester, the main characters of the series, to fight for them from their fellow demons.

She also builds trust in the 4th season due to which Sam had a trust on her and she also trained him to fight against demons with her powers but Sam’s brother didn’t trust her.

Finally in the season 4 she had been killed and then came back in flashbacks in season 15 and visits to Empty, the angels afterlife.

Ruby’s Supernatural is an amazing thriller, mystery series for the CW network and the whole series received 8.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDB and 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The fans have mixed reviews regarding the Ruby’s character but after that her character is liked by most of the viewers.

Why are there two actresses for Ruby’s supernatural character?

Supernatural Ruby

The warner’s brother are uncertain in which direction they will take the character and in when the love interest audition was held at that time her role is taken again by the new actress Cortese.

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Is the Ruby demon Good in Supernatural?

She is widely recognised and well established character in the supernatural series not because she is good. She is clever as in the beginning she builds sam’s trust that she is helping both brothers in fighting with the demon.

Is Sam and Ruby are real life couples?

Yes Sam and Ruby are also real life married couples and their roles are played by Jared and Genevieve and they met in this CW Supernatural horror show.

Who kills Ruby In Supernatural?

In the end of season 4 when the reality of her was revealed to Sam and Dean and they become angry so they both killed Ruby by her own knife.

Why does Ruby want to help Sam?

Supernatural Ruby

In the beginning she lied to Sam that she will save his brother from the hell but she didn’t and admitted to him that she lied to him. But wants to protect Sam from Lilith after his brother died and also gives reason for helping him as she knows how it felt as a human.

Who killed Lilith?

Lilith was killed by Sam.

Will there be Supernatural Season 16?

No, there is no another season 16 for this horror, mystery series as season 15 is the last season of this supernatural which follows Sam and his brother in hunting down monsters.

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Where can I Watch Supernatural all seasons?

You can stream all seasons of supernatural, whose stars are Jared Padalecki, Jensen and Mish on-

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Sling Tv
  • Youtube
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Apple Tv
  • Vudu
  • Amazon Prime video etc.

Season 15 ending scene-

Last Lines

Ruby demons is the character who got mixed reviews from the fans but is still continued and loved by the fans as she is a good demon and helps Sam in fighting with Lilith.

There are many horror, mystery, supernatural series on which you can read and watch.