Summer Stimulus Checks 2022: The Deadline to Apply for $150 Is in Two Days, and Will Your Salary Qualify You for an Additional $1,200 in Benefits?

Those who live in Chicago and meet the requirements can apply for $50 and $100 on their transit and gas cards every month.

Up to 50,000 pre-paid gas cards and 100,000 pre-paid transit cards will be given out by the city. Nearly 75,000 of the transit cards will be given to people in low-income neighborhoods who use the CTA a lot and live in high-use areas.

The people who live in the south and west neighborhoods will then get 75% of the gas card money. The remaining 25% will be used by the whole city.

California also started two programs to help people get money: Golden State I (GSS 1) and Golden State Stimulus II (GSS II).

Both can be sold for between $1,200 and $1,100.

Gas Relief Proposed for Americans, Part Two

“At $120 a barrel, the tax would bring in about $45 billion a year,” Khanna told USA Today. “At that price, a single person would get about $240 a year and a married couple would get about $360 a year.”

“If they avoid the tax, the American people won’t get as much relief, but their price will go down,” Khanna said, though, that the Democratic pair hasn’t been able to get Republicans on board yet.

Gas Relief Proposed for Americans

A bill called Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax has been put forward by Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Representative Ro Khanna. In the plan, lower-income Americans would get payments to help pay for gas.

The money would come from charging big oil companies a per-barrel tax “equal to 50 percent of the difference between the current price of a barrel of oil and the average price per barrel between 2015 and 2019 before the pandemic,” according to a summary of the bill on Yahoo Finance.

Summer Stimulus Checks 2022

Port Authority Proposes $519.7 Million Budget

In its proposed budget, the Pittsburgh Port Authority said that it will ask for another 12% of the money it got from ridership before the pandemic. The proposed $519.7 million budget for the new fiscal year, which starts in July, was made public Thursday.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette says that the number of people using the Port Authority’s services is about half of what it was before the pandemic hit in March 2020.

The proposed budget is about 5% more than the current budget of $493,7 million and will be used to fix bus routes and other parts of the infrastructure.

Billions of Dollars Distributed to Healthcare

The New York Times says that $482 billion of the $5 trillion that the government spent on pandemic stimulus went to help states and cities.

Below, the Sun lists the places where the US government gave money:

  • $156billion: Grants to health providers
  • $64billion: Vaccines, treatments, and supplies
  • $46billion: Testing, monitoring, and research
  • $45billion: Vaccine and treatment development
  • $56billion: Medicaid coverage
  • $38billion: Medicare changes
  • $22billion: Expanded A.C.A. subsidies
  • $18billion: COBRA coverage
  • $13billion: Waive certain cost-sharing
  • $12billion: Health agencies
  • $11billion: Other

Programs That Could Put Cash in Your Pocket, Part Four

Some other programs are:

Basic Income Pilot for the County of Santa Clara

Santa Clara County, California is the place.
From June 2020 to the beginning of 2022.
Up to $1,000 a month can be paid.
Between 2,400 and 2,500 young adults leaving foster care took part.

Pilot project for Guaranteed Income in West Hollywood

West Hollywood, California, is the place.
It will last from April 2022 to October 2023.
Payments: $1,000
Participants: 25 West Hollywood residents over 50 who say they are LGBTQIA and were chosen at random.

Programs That Could Put Cash in Your Pocket, Part Three

There are also a number of other programs around the country, such as the ones below:

Program: Oakland Resilient Families

Oakland is in California.
Length: From summer 2020 until now
Monthly payments of $500 for 18 months
Participants: 600

Program: Sacramento Direct Investment Program

Sacramento is in California.
Length: From June 2021 to June 2022
Monthly payments of $300 for two years
Participants: 100

Guaranteed Income Program for South San Francisco

South San Francisco, California is the place.
Length: From October 2021 to October 2022
$500 per month for one year.
Participants: 135

Programs That Could Put Cash in Your Pocket, Continued

Some other programs are:

Compton Pledge is a program.

Compton is a city in California.
Length: From December 2020 to December 2022
Payments are $1,800 every three months for two years.
Participants: 800

Program: Big Leap

Los Angeles, California, is the place.
Length: From January 2022 to January 2023
Monthly payments of $1,000 for a year
About 3,000 people took part.

Program: Elevate MV

Mountain View, California is where
Duration: 12 months
Payments: $500 per month; 166 people are taking part.

Summer Stimulus Checks 2022

Programs That Could Put Cash in Your Pocket

There are a number of universal basic income programs in many states that could give all Americans free cash.

Embrace Mothers is a program.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Duration: 12 months
$375 per month for one year.
110 single mothers took part.

Program: Alaska Permanent Fund

Alaska is where
Length: $1,114 paid each year in 2021
Participants: Alaska residents

What to Know About Scams, Part Three

Taxpayers were also sent emails about scams as part of campaigns to get people to believe they owed money to a fake agency and needed to act right away.

“Fighting back against phishing scams requires constant vigilance,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. “We urge tax professionals to take some basic steps to help protect their clients and themselves.”

Recent scams about pandemics tend to tell an urgent story that tries to get the recipient to click on a dangerous link or attachment.

What to Know About Scams, Part Two

To be clear, the IRS does not get in touch with people through email, text, or social media.

Most fake texts have a link that, if taxpayers click on it, could lead to them giving out personal information that could put their stimulus payments at risk.

Taxpayers should also be wary of incoming calls from people pretending to be from the IRS and yelling at them to pay for a fake missed payment.

What to Know About Scams

During this year’s tax season, when millions of people are getting their tax returns, scammers are calling and texting people pretending to be from the IRS.

On its website, the agency said, “Thousands of people have lost millions of dollars and personal information to tax scams.”

“Con artists set up people, businesses, payroll, and tax professionals by using the mail, the phone, and email.”

Rate Hikes Could Lead to Another Round of Stimulus

Because of this, many experts are worried about the possibility of another recession, which could lead to another round of stimulus.

Alan Blinder, a former Fed vice-chairman, told CNBC that a recession is likely, but it probably won’t happen in 2022.

The Fed is getting ready for two meetings this summer. At each one, rates are likely to go up by 50 basis points.

What Is Being Done About Inflation?

The Federal Reserve has taken action to try to stop prices from going up so quickly.

The Fed has raised rates twice this quarter, making it more expensive for Americans to borrow money.

How does Inflation Impacts Stimulus Checks?

Inflation is a problem in the US right now. This means that economic demand is high, which is causing prices to go up everywhere.

Since the economy is already doing well, this would make a stimulus check useless.

But your state might give you a tax rebate, which is money given back to taxpayers when there is a surplus.

How Many Stimulus Programs Have Launched?

Since the start of the pandemic, the federal government has passed three programs to help people get back on their feet.

The first one had checked for $1,200 for Americans, the second one had checks for $600 for Americans, and the third one had checked for $1,400 for Americans.

Your state may also be sending or has already sent money to help the economy.

For example, California has sent up to $1,200 to millions of its residents as a stimulus payment.

What Is a Stimulus Check?

During a financial crisis, the government gives people “stimulus checks” to try to get the economy going again.

During the height of the pandemic, when many Americans lost their jobs, this was done more than once.

Most of the time, stimulus checks are single payments.